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Outrageous Matchmaking – Charlie Z vs. Jake Paul

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Jake Paul has taken over. Surging and getting bigger each time he steps into a ring. In his last match vs Tyron Woodley a rematch, Paul surprised the boxing world. The rematch entitled “Leave No Doubt!”, did exactly that. It left no doubt. No doubt that Paul was the superior man in the ring. Paul not only knocked Woodley out in the 6th round he set out what he wanted to do. Paul beat a man that not only competed in the UFC, he beat a UFC champion. Woodley an NCAA division-1 champion an incredible wrestler with great credentials.  But that is not why Paul decided to pick him to fight it’s because the former Youtuber wanted to shed some doubt on the respectability, credibility, and now versatility of the former UFC champion.

Paul did much more than shed some doubt on Woodley, he outright trashed him. The image of Woodley laying face down on the canvas was a sad one so pathetic it went viral right away. Photoshop and After Effects were seen all over Facebook and Twitter. Where does Paul go from here? Anywhere he wants! Well, not really. Boxers need to please their fans and Jake Paul fans have spoken up. They want Paul to fight a real boxer not an MMA fighter not a basketball player and not a random clown from YouTube.

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Jake Paul vs. Charlie Z

The thing is with Paul is that he’s fun and the fans like that. They want to have fun. The idea of Jake Paul vs Charlie Z is a fun one and the internet can’t stop talking about it. Who is Charlie Z? Charlie is a guy who got famous for punching people in the face online in Gyms. He also has had some crazy run-ins that were caught on camera none more famous than the beatdown he caught from Wilder.

Jake Paul has power and he knows how to deliver. All the eyes are on Paul now and they have been since he began down this path, growing every fight it seems like right now this kid is unstoppable. After the fight, Jake went on social media to say I’ve KO’ed everyone I’ve fought.

Paul has KO’d everyone but he’s yet to KO a boxer. The internet is a funny place with its own ideas. Jake Paul vs. Charlie Z has a cult following online. Charlie Z with a pro record of 0-1 made such a big impression on the fans that they really want to see him come to life on a big stage and they have been for many years. Is Jake Paul ready to make the jump and fight guys like Tyson Fury or Mike Tyson or does he want to try to polish his skills? Only Jake knows.

The question now is where does Paul go from here? Luckily he already had a bucket list ready to post on Twitter as well.

Before the trashing of Woodley, the plan of Jake Paul vs. Tommy Fury seemed like a good one. However, according to his post on Twitter, it looks like he might have his eyes set on higher places. At 24 years old Jake Paul has a long time ahead of him. He is a young man making a name for himself in a playground that old men play in. Jake’s bucket list is short and sweet. The public has not really played with the idea of Jake Paul vs. Canelo Alvarez or Jake Paul vs. Floyd Mayweather that much yet. Maybe it is time? Maybe not.

Time will tell where he goes and where he ends up. All we know is he started off with a bang! He beat a number of celebrities in a boxing match but forgot to do one thing… fight a boxer and that fact is going to come back to haunt him if he continues to fight guys that can’t box. Boxing fans love the sport of boxing. They love it they respect it and for Jake Paul to be remembered as a great boxer he will need to become one. Jake Paul is fun but he still has long road ahead of him if he wants to prove himself to the boxing brass as well as the fans.

“All that glitters is not gold.” Right now Jake Paul is undefeated and has all the attention on him. He could become the next big thing or maybe he already has become just that. The next big thing. He needs to pick his next move wisely in order to keep the attention full force. Which move makes the most sense? Which fight will bring the most eyes and more importantly who can he actually beat? He can’t beat Canelo Alvarez, only in his dreams. Could he beat a 55-year-old Mike Tyson? That idea makes a little more sense. Only time will tell who Paul will face next!

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  • Mike says:

    How is he shedding doubt on “Woodley’s versatility and skills” when he fought him in a boxing-rules only match where Woodley couldn’t show his “versatility” 😂

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