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Royler Gracie to be Inducted into the ADCC Hall of Fame

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ADCC has announced that Royler Gracie is the next inductee to its Hall of Fame. A member of the legendary Gracie family, Royler is a three-time ADCC champion with only one defeat in the premier submission grappling competition circuit.  

More impressively, his three ADCC championships came one after another in 1999, 2000, and 2001, making him the first person to win a division three times in a row. He is also a two-time BJJ Pan-American champion and four-time IBJJF World champion. 

As any member of the Gracie clan, he has been training Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu since he was 3 years old, learning from his father, Helio Gracie, and other relatives. The 7th Degree Coral Belt has been popularizing BJJ for decades, including co-authoring three books on the topic. He also made the transition into the MMA world, fighting mainly in Japanese promotions such as Vale Tudo Japan, Pride, DEEP, and K-1 HERO’S, holding a 5-5-1 professional record.   

In one of his most famous grappling bouts, Gracie lost to Eddie Bravo at the ADCC World Championships 2003 in Brazil due to a triangle choke. The significance of this loss was huge, as it not only ended the Brazilian’s 13-match winning streak at ADCC but also led Bravo to establish the no-gi Jiu-Jitsu system known as 10th Planet. The two met again on March 29, 2014, at Metamoris 3, as the rematch ended in a 20-minute time limit draw.


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