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Arek Wrzosek On His Badr Hari Fight ‘Too Many Emotions’

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“I was very excited and I don’t remember really, I can’t remember,” recently Arkadiusz Wrzosek sat down with MMA Sucka to discuss his Badr Hari head kick knockout victory and upcoming rematch. “I was very excited and very happy after the knockout. But I can’t remember a few minutes after the fight… Too many emotions.” Arkadiusz Wrzosek and Badr Hari first fought in September. Wrzosek won this fight via head kick knockout, and was one of the best knockouts of the year. The two, Wrzosek and Hari, will be rematching at GLORY 80, which is March 19, 2022.

Arek Wrzosek Interview – GLORY 80, Badr Hari, and More …

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Wrzosek On Badr Hari

Badr Hari has been a kickboxing heavyweight staple for nearly 20 years. He has fought over multiple generations. When Wrzosek was a young man Hari was one of the fighters he looked up to. Now, he stands across the ring from one of his heroes. “Before the first fight I felt many weird feelings, you know. It was something different … I dreamed about fighting for GLORY. This first fight with Badr was different. It was … hard to explain. It was like the biggest dream coming true. It was a very weird feeling, weird is a good word.”

At GLORY 80 the two will fight again and Wrzosek knows he will be ready. “I will be prepared like last time… Don’t blink in my next fight ”

Wrzosek on Buakaw

Aside from looking up to Badr Hari, Wrzosek also looked up to some amazing all-time greats.”Ernesto Hoost. He’s amazing, Mr. Perfect, exactly. He was my number one.” Then eventually Wrzosek found another all-time great to look up to. “I started to train kickboxing and the first guy who I looked up to was Buakaw [Banchamek]. It’s not my weight class but Buakaw was my, maybe not first idol but, first fighter who I was watching when I when I started my training… I really like [watching] his highlights before my training. I try to train like him. The first time in Thailand I trained there for about one month and I met him! I have a have photo with Buakaw. It was in 2015, I think. It was something big.”

Wrzosek on Call of Duty and Trailer Park Boys

“Every day really I spend time playing [Call of Duty] Warzone,” Wrzosek is a huge Call of Duty: Warzone player,”  I spend four, three hours a day sometimes. It’s my rest, it’s my way of getting rest. Warzone definitely. I really like Warzone because we play together with friends, we can talk, we can cooperate. So this is very good. This is also good training for my eyes, you know, for my reflex.”

“I’m really a huge fan of Trailer Park Boys,” People outside of Canada may not know that this Canadian classic television series is a huge hit in Poland, and Wrzosek is a major fan. “In our country, this series is very popular. Very, very popular. In our country [Poland] everybody’s seen even one episode of Trailer Park Boys. We love Trailer Park Boys.”

Arkadiusz Wrzosek will be fighting against legendary kickboxer Badr Hari at GLORY 80, March 19. This will be the second time they fought. The first time Wrzosek won via head kick knockout, “It hurts to get kicked from my feet,” he tells me. I believe him.

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