Patchy Mix “I Have The Skills To Steamroll Kyoji Horiguchi”

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The Bellator Bantamweight World Grand Prix is one of the most exciting Grand Prix’s that Bellator has ever produced, as Bellator has so much depth at 135lbs. One of the bouts that creates a lot of intrigue will feature Patchy Mix vs former Bellator Bantamweight Champion Kyoji Horiguchi. Mix while excited for the match up is not blown away by the talents that Horiguchi brings to the table.

Patchy Mix Blasts Kyoji Horijuchi Ahead of Their Bellator WGP Match

“I mean he only beat Darrion Caldwell and that win doesn’t age well. He hasn’t beaten anybody in the last five years. He’s beaten five men since 2017, he’s beaten Darrion Caldwell twice, Ben Ngyuen, Kai Askarua & Ian McCall and all those guys know how to do is lose and he’s fighting me I’m accurate, I’m dangerous, I’m consistent. I don’t care that he was a World Champion, I don’t care that he was a RIZIN World Champion, you know he made half of his career at 125lbs, there is a reason why I don’t fight at 125lbs because I feel like I’d be a World Champion no matter what, but I’m too big for that weight. I feel like he’s going to be outsized and I don’t care about his last fight either, he was winning but what only maters is the end result, you know I was winning a World Title fight too and I ended up taking a loss.  I don’t look too much into it, I just think each matchup is a different fight and I think I have the skills to steamroll him, I have the skills to put him down and put him away and I think I can do it early.”

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Mix does not mean to disrespect Horiguchi but feels that it is his time.

“(Horiguchi) has had a good run. He’s been a dog in this game, he’s been around but I’m young and look at who he’s fighting. He had a great showing against (Sergio) Pettis but when you fight Karate with Karate or Karate with a Taekwon Do style that’s a difference that I bring. I’m a full MMA fighter. If I can beat you in boxing, I’m going to beat you in boxing, If I have to kick, knee, and fight Muay Thai, I can beat you there, if it’s heart I can beat you there. I offer too many things. The fight will engage and where he’s been able to get off the hook on other guys he won’t be able to with me. I’m an absolute sponge on top and I’ve only taken that to the next level getting ready for this tournament, I train with (Jake) Shields, Garry Tonon, and Justin Gaethje. I’m gonna be moving around and cutting him off and he will be hitting the floor.”

Full interview can be found on YouTube.

Image via Luke Noonan, Bellator MMA.

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