3 Things To Know About “Road To ONE” Finalist Yimaz Wildman

RUF Nation is ready to bring the Road To ONE to a close.

RUF 47: Road To ONE: Heavyweight Tournament Finals is set to take place from Phoenix, Arizona, on Saturday, May 14. Atop the card will be the tournament final between Terrance Jean-Jacques and Tra’Von Butler.

3 Things To Know About Yimaz Wildman

The two have traversed the tournament’s difficult path to make it to this point, and now they stand one bout away from a life-changing contract with ONE Championship.

After taking a look at Jean-Jacques, let’s get a closer look at what you should know about Tra’Von Butler ahead of the exciting matchup.

He’s Entertaining In And Out Of The Cage

Butler’s background may be in wrestling, but he is not content on takedowns and drawing out decisions. The Missouri resident pushes the pace and makes his opponents wilt. He is an all-action heavyweight.

And that is how he likes it. But Butler didn’t answer that question. It was his persona, “Yimaz Wildman.”

Few people embrace the mic in this sport, especially not on the regional circuit. But Butler is already building his brand and showing his personality.

“I have to make you feel uncomfortable, to be comfortable. As you can never get comfortable in that uncomfortable situation, then you will fall short,” said “Yimaz Wildman.”

“So a lot of people will mistake my style as being as a brawler or being like an overwhelming presence, but that’s me having to take that power from you. Absorbing their energy for my own, like when Black Panther’s suit absorbs all of the trauma before bursting out and producing more destruction in return.”

Similar To His Opponent, His Motivation Is His Son

For Jean-Jacques, his son is what is pushing him forward in this sport, and that is common ground for the Missouri native. His life was changed forever upon the birth of his son as well.

“When I had my beautiful boy, I said I accomplished something more in life, and I said I left a bloodline. Now I need to show him how a man stands tall when he goes through so many trials and tribulations, hard labor, depression, pains that you can’t even imagine. You stand tall. You have your chin held high,” said Butler.

“Even when you feel like you can’t keep going, you keep taking one step at a time. And this just became a fire, and even though I see everything is dark around me, that is my fire. And that’s a scary thing to do — go against something that can’t be put out. Now it’s a scorching flame, and I’m telling you, it can’t be put out.”

At RUF 47, Wildman will get a chance to forever change his family’s life by winning the six-figure contract and moving his career to the global stage.

Predicts A Finish, To Take ONE By Storm

Yimaz Wildman stopped short of specific prediction, but he only envisioned the crowd echoing his name in celebration.

“I can’t tell you how it’s going to go down, but I’m going to tell you how it’s going to end. It will end with the people chanting my name, “Wildman! Wildman! Wildman,” said Butler.

If his prophecy comes true, he will then join ONE’s heavyweight roster. And Wildman has no intention of stopping his rise with the “Road To ONE” tournament victory. He plans to be a problem once he hits the Circle as well.

“I fit in with ONE because of the Warrior Code. I fit in as the gladiator in the Colosseum. I fit in like Hercules amongst the gods. I fit in there like Beowulf against Grendel,” said Wildman.

“My purpose is to make it all the way to the top. My purpose is to become a champion. And not just a regular champion, a champion who can persevere and has a fire that burns in the hearts of all nationalities and ages.”

He will get that chance on Saturday, May 14. RUF 47 takes place in Phoenix, Arizona. Tickets can be purchased via etix.com, and it will stream live via pay-per-view on RUFNation.com.

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