Haney Beats Kambosos Jr, Becomes Undisputed Champion

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Devin ‘The Dream’ Haney fulfilled his namesake as he flew to Melbourne, Australia to battle hometown hero,  George Kambosos Jr for the undisputed lightweight championship this past Saturday night.

It was a decision Haney will never regret as he dominated Kambosos for the entire fight on his way to a unanimous decision victory to win all four belts at 135 lbs.

Haney Cruises Past Kambosos Jr to Become Undisputed Lightweight Champion

Haney, at the age of 23, has now become the ninth fighter in the four belt era to unify in any weight class as well as being the second youngest to do so.

The fight itself was not too eventful and lacked any major moments. It was more about the skills displayed that fans of the sport appreciated and will remember. Jake Paul gave fight fans his round by round analysis, giving Haney the nod on all twelve rounds.

Haney immediately got to work with his jab that ultimately kept Kambosos from ever getting his offense going. As Haney landed the jabs, it opened Kambosos up to be on the receiving ends of many left hooks and straight rights. Kambosos tried on many occasions, even becoming predictable to a point, on trying to land the right hand.

Once the fight concluded, Haney picked up the unanimous decision victory with the judges scorecards reading 116-112, 116-112, 118-110.

Despite a shaky build up to the fight where Kambosos Jr constantly talked trash, Haney’s father and trainer being allowed to enter Australia just a day before the fight, and Kambosos missing weight in the initial attempt, Haney was never shook or taken off his confidence going into the bout as he displayed a true composure that led to a world class boxing performance that shut down the Australian’s momentum and confidence.

Despite the fight being a one sided affair, Kambosos does have the opportunity to return the favor as the fight was contracted with a rematch clause. The clause also holds that the fight would be held right back in Australia, and Kambosos made it very clear that he does have full intentions of activating that clause as he said after the fight:

“I’m going to give him full respect, let him have his time and we’ll do it again, I thought the fight was very close but I’m not going to wreck his moment. … I’ll see him very soon.” – George Kambosos Jr

Once the negotiations start, it is highly likely the rematch will take place in the fall of this year.

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