Robbie Lawler vs Bryan Barberena: UFC 276 Recap

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Recap: Robbie Lawler vs Bryan Barberena

In the second fight of the UFC 276 Main Card, Robbie Lawler and Bryan Barberena faced off in what is expected to be an absolute brawl. And fortunately, the fight lived up to expectations.

Round 1:

So far this fight has lived up to its potential. Both fighters had their moments with Barberena landing more strikes but Lawler putting the pressure on him and landing fewer, but more significant, shots.

Round 2:

The round started out with Barberena putting the pressure on Lawler and continuing to land a good number of shots. Lawler would later go back to pressuring Barberena and hurting him with a big uppercut and body shots.

The volume finally catches up to Lawler as Barberena hurts him and continues to pour it on, backing him against the cage and giving Lawler no time to recover. The fight ends with a second-round TKO for Bryan Barberena.

Result: Bryan Barberena wins via TKO at 4:47 seconds of round two

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