Logan Paul plans to Return to Boxing in December

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It looks like Logan Paul isn’t done with the sport of boxing, as the freshly signed WWE superstar and YouTube sensation is preparing to make his return to the squared circle.

Paul made his WWE debut at Wrestlemania 38, where he alongside, The Miz defeated the tag team of Rey Mysterio Jr. and his son, Dominic. During their victory celebration, The Miz laid down Paul with his finishing move, Skull Crushing Finale. The elder of the Paul brothers returned to wrestling action in June and confronted The Miz to challenge him to a match at WWE Summerslam. On June 30 it was announced that Paul signed a long-term deal with World Wrestling Entertainment and later defeated his one-time tag team partner at the aforementioned event. 

Paul was praised for his both in-ring performances and the popular belief was that he left his boxing career behind. However, that’s not the case, as he resumed his training and targets a return fight later this year.

 During his appearance on The Pat McAffeShow Paul said:

“That’s why I was late, I was sparring, I’m a boxer again.  We’re getting back in the ring. We’re going to go from professional sport to professional sport. I want to get a fight in December.”

He also revealed that he already has some individuals in his crosshairs:

“I have some people in mind, but I can’t say. You know you only get one first impression. That’s part of my ability to make moments. I like making first impressions big, so I want to wait until we’re ready.”

Paul’s boxing career was a rocky road, as he has yet to actually win inside the squared circle. However, all of his three matches were met with big interest and drew impressive numbers, as two of them sold over 1 million pay-per-views buys. In his last outing, Paul survived an eight-round bout with Floyd Mayweather Jr back in 2021.

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