What is MMA bringing in September 2022?

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September 2022 is bringing some of the big and most wanted names in MMA against each other and the amount of excitement going on around this month’s matches is intoxicating. Great mixed martial artists and combat athletes are coming face to face in September to bring about the most anticipated matches of the year. If you are an MMA fan and want to calculate the odds of your favorite star winning a fight, you can do that by using this odds converter.

Let’s have a look at the most awaited matches of September 2022.

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Claressa Shields vs. Savannah Marshal

(September 10, 2022)

In the 2012 Women Chamionship, Shields, and Marshall came face to face with each other at the amateur level in which Marshall edged Shield. However, Shield went 77-1 at the amateur level and is currently the only female to win undisputed titles in two weight classes. The victory in this match will make Shields undisputed again. This match is certainly going to be a blast!

UFC 279: Chimaev vs. Diaz

(September 10, 2022)

Chimaev (11-0) has entered the UFC like thunder. He landed 112 strikes in his first four matches while only getting a single hit on himself. His big leap set him up for victory against welterweight title challenger Gilbert Burns. Diaz on the other hand has become a cult hero after defeating Conor McGregor. Chimaev competed five times in the last two years while Diaz only competed five times in the last six years. Let’s see what 10th excitement 10th September brings. 

Canelo Alvarez vs. Gennady Golovkin 3

(September 17, 2022)

Alvarez has been a professional boxer for almost half his life and he lost only one of 61 matches. The two fights between Alvarez and Golovkin 3 established Alvarez as a pay-per-view star and kicked off the phase where he conquered many champions across multiple weights. Golovkin is aware of the standing of his opponent but he is a record holder of 21 defenses and he has the biggest number of knockouts, so he will surely be remembered for more than just his rivalry with Canelo. How the events unfold on 17 September will surely play a huge role in how these two fighters will move forward. 

Bellator 285: Henderson vs. Queally

(September 23rd, 2022)

Benson Henderson is ranked 3rd in Bellator MMA’s Dublin card on 23rd September. Henderson is a former lightweight champion while the Irish star Queally is making a comeback from his injury after his withdrawal from Bellator. The match is bound to be an interesting one.

Fight Music Show 2: Cyborg vs. Da Silva

(September 25th, 2022)

A legend of MMA, Cyborg is switching to boxing. The match against Da Silva is her debut in the boxing ring. Da Silva is a Brazillian Boxing Champion with a record of 17-21. The bout will be eight 2-minute rounds in 8-ounce gloves. The event is taking place in the Arena Da Baixada soccer stadium where Cyborg had her debut for the UFC – what are the odds? You will find out on 25th September.

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