Eddie Bravo Invitational 20 Results: The Absolutes

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The Eddie Bravo Invitational returns to host EBI 20: The Absolutes live from the Speaking Rock Event Center in El Paso, Texas.

MMA Sucka is here to bring live coverage of the 16-man grappling tournament, which will air live on UFC Fight Pass starting at 9 p.m. ET/6 p.m. PT.

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American Alan Sanchez won the most recent rendition of the Eddie Bravo Invitational back in March of this year.

Absolute Tournament

The 16-man Absolute Tournament will be contested under EBI rules. EBI matches have a 10-minute time limit, with submission being the primary focus. If the match doesn’t finish within the time limit of 10 minutes, the match goes into overtime rounds. The overtime round consists of two sets. The maximum is three rounds or six exchanges per set in overtime.

The EBI system does not award points. If there neither fighter can achieve a submission within regulation, the first overtime period will begin. The winner of a coin flip will get to pick between having back control with both hooks and the spider web position. Fighters switch positions at the end of each exchange All grappling moves are legal under the EBI ruleset, including spine locks. Fastest submission and quickest escape time are used as tiebreakers in the event both fighters submit or fail to submit their opponent in the overtime period.

The participants will be vying for a cash prize of $50,000 and the title of EBI Absolute Champion. The evening is also slated to feature two special matches between Paola Ambriz and 2021 Submission Underground winner Mercedes White, and NJJF Jacksonville Absolute Champion Sam Barbosa and Mario Gonzalez.

EBI 20 Results

Absolute Championship Finals

Nick Rodriguez def. Kyle Boehm via RNC in Overtime


Nick Rodriguez def. Austin Baker via Triangle Choke at 6:31 in Regulation

Kyle Boehm def. Andre Porfirio via RNC at 5:15 in Regulation


Nick Rodriguez def. Luke Griffith via Armbar in Overtime

Austin Baker* def. Andrew Kimler via Armbar at 3:07 in Regulation

Kyle Boehm def. Roosevelt Souza def. via Heel Hook at 7:06 in Regulation

Andre Poririo def. Pat Shahgholi via Fastest Escape Time

*- Bodoni withdraws, replaced by Baker

Round of 16

Nick Rodriguez def. Ezequiel Zurita via Reverse Triangle at 2:59 in Regulation

Luke Griffith def. Franco Pana via Smother at 3:44 in Regulation

Andrew Kimler def. Maxim Cote via Heel Hook at 6:15 in Regulation

Giancarlo Bodoni def. Austin Baker via Fastest Escape Time

Kyle Boehm def. Travis Moore via Heel Hook at :55 in Regulation

Roosevelt Souza def. Angel Lugo via Inside Heel Hook at 1:23 in Regulation

Pat Shahgholi def. David Viera via Heel Hook at 2:51 of Regulation

Andre Porfirio def. Dan Martinez via Straight Ankle Lock at 5:45 of Regulation

Special Matches

Mercedes White def. Paola Ambriz via Quicker Submission in Overtime

Mario Gonzalez def. Sam Barbosa via Armbar in Double Overtime

Maxim Cote def. Fedor Nikolov via Fastest Escape Time

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