The Best UFC Fights in 2022 So Far

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Since UFC’s creation, hundreds upon thousands of fights have taken place in the octagon.

The octagon is a testament to the hard work and determination of the legends who have never quit. It is ridden with history, from the famous clash between Khabib and McGregor to the iconic show given by the icon and UFC middleweight and welterweight champion George St-Pierre.

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And just like all the other years, 2022 was no stranger to some violent, legendary jaw-breaking fights as well. The interest for UFC fights is huge, and the recent study on sports streaming trends in the US conduced by ExpressVPN showed that big UFC events have been some of the most streamed sporting events. The most popular UFC event in 2022 was the fight between Masvidal and Convington in March, but superstars ike McGregor and Nurmagomedov are well-known for breaking the streaming records every time they sign a new fight contract.

Best UFC Fights in 2022

Many undercards and main events during this year have wowed the entire stadium, but among these,  only a few of them were worthy of being given the title of one of the best fights the octagon has ever witnessed.

Makhachev vs Oliveira – UFC 280

The Makhachev vs. Oliveira fight was anticipated for a long time. Not only because of what was at stake but because of the fighters clashing in the octagon as well.

This fight was on the minds of every UFC fan and enthusiast because not only was it a fight for the lightweight title, but also because Makachev had the undefeated beast, Khabib Nurmagomedov in his corner.

But the champ was not a pushover either. Charles Oliveira is a threat unlike no other, with Brazilian jiu-jitsu background, he made many skillful fighters tap in a matter of seconds.

It was a genuinely remarkable clash between wrestling and jiu-jitsu, which lived up to the hype. Makachev made the first move as soon as the round began, with intense pressure on the champion, forwarding with aggressive force. 

However, Oliveira had too much experience to fall for pressure and answered him by performing one of his iconic level changes and securing a takedown.

But Makachev was determined and hungry to back down and fought to his feet as quickly as he went down, responding with his rendition of a back-trip, a marvel of a takedown that he invented on his own.

As soon as landing on the ground, Oliveira had to defend himself from the inhumane barrage of punches that pummeled him like an ultra-fast hydraulic press, which marked the end of the first round.

People thought this was enough aggression on Islam’s side, but they were yet to see the best from the Russian prodigy. 

In the second round, Makachev landed a devastating high kick to the champ, followed by a high knee. Oliveira made an attempt to thwart Islam’s aggression and score a takedown, but Makachev’s defense proved to be superior, proving the strength of someone personally trained by the Eagle.

After successfully preventing a takedown, Makachev didn’t stop there but responded with a destructive overhand punch with his right, landing right on the bull’s eye, which resulted in Oliveira sprawling on the mat, after which Islam got to work and locked the champion in an arm triangle.

Oliveira was now in Islam’s territory, locked in a devastating arm triangle, and could not risk a broken arm because he had other bouts after this, causing him to tap out.

The fight is recorded in the history books as the clash where a wrestler made a record holder known for his submissions.

Volkanovski vs The Korean Zombie – UFC 273

“The Korean Zombie” Chan Sung Jung –  a name that makes even the most skilled fighters sweat. The reason why he has been given this moniker in the world of UFC is much more terrifying than the moniker itself.

His fighting style is considered to be very unorthodox, which is the primary reason he is known as the zombie. Unlike other fighters, he does not shy away from taking heavy blows and has an inhumane ability to bounce back from devastating blows, which would typically leave fighters looking at the stars.

Whenever Chan Sung fights, do not expect precision, but an all-out brawl, painting the octagon red. However, Volkanovski is considered to be in a league of his own.

He has been destroying opponents left and right, and his path of destruction has resulted in a 20-fight win streak, making this card a treat for all MMA fans.

The reigning champ completely dominated the first round, badgering Jung singing with jabs left and right. It was like a scene from a movie, the Zombie was hit with four jabs before he could process one of them, and his jabs were precise, repeatedly targeting Chan Sung’s left eye.

Overall, the champ reigned jabs and hooks on Chan Sung, and although he landed some good blows in the second round, the third round had the same pattern of domination on Volkanovski’s side.

Eventually, the referee had to come in to stop the fight because it was getting too out of hand, which resulted in the one-sided victory of the champion, and he proved why he was the current champ.


2022 was filled with iconic moments and fights proven to be remembered by people for a long time. However, even among those iconic bouts, these were just some of them which were truly memorable.

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