Mayweather Stops Deji After Last Minute Changes Cause Massive Delay

The latest in the long line of rub-your-eyes boxing exhibitions took place this evening as Floyd Mayweather faced off against ComedyShortsGamer a.k.a Deji Olatunji in Dubai. Fans both at home and in attendance were left waiting hours before the main event when Mayweather attempted to change the details of the fight mere minutes before he was scheduled to walk out.

The circus show theme of these events continued on the undercard when co-main event fighter Tommy Fury and his father John Fury exchanged heated words with guest commentator Jake Paul. The pair have been locked in a feud since their agreed bouts with each other fell through twice. The elder Fury even began to strip down while calling for Paul to enter the ring and fight him on the spot. The challenges were met with laughter from Paul, who recently defeated UFC legend Anderson Silva in his own exhibition bout.ย 

Upon conclusion of that drama, a new one began. The teams of the main event fighters got into a disagreement when Mayweather decided he was unhappy with the 14oz gloves they were to fight with. This was furthered by his additional demand that the round times be extended from two minutes, to three. Arguing behind the scenes meant presenters Wade Plem and co were left to vamp on air for upwards of two hours. The hostility was finally settled when an agreement was reached to maintain the existing round times, and instead fight with 10oz gloves.ย 

Hours of waiting were brought to a close when Deji danced his way to the ring alongside trainer Daley Perales, and brother KSI. Mayweather followed him, and both seemed relaxed as they touched gloves to kick off the fight. The older man displayed his supreme skills throughout, as he taunted and showboated, pulling his punches as not to overstep the unwritten rules of a playful exhibition. While Deji was clearly leagues below his opponent, he did succeed in giving him a cut below a blackened eye that required work from the Money Team corner between rounds.ย 

Deji’s decision to do pushups during the final break between rounds led Mayweather to turn up the heat in the sixth. He lightly peppered Deji in the corner before referee Kenny Bayless stepped in to bring the fight to a close. An undeniably early stoppage with only forty seconds remaining and Deji in absolutely fit state to continue, but no ill feelings were held as the fight was all in good fun. The pair had praise for each other in the post-fight interviews. Deji made clear his intentions to fight again, calling out popstars Justin Bieber and Liam Payne.

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