Best Polish MMA Fighters

MMA has gained massive popularity in recent years and is one of the most favored sports worldwide. Polish audience loves MMA fights, especially since there are several fighters from Poland that compare. Many of them are so into martial arts that they often decide to place bets on Polskie kasyna online website, or they just play slots with martial arts themes. Of course, the competition is tight, and the best fighters join tournaments to test their mettle. So, let’s have a closer look at the best Polish mixed-martial-arts fighters in this article.

Marcin Held

One of the youngest successful MMA fighters that come from Poland is Marcin Held. He already has a professional mixed-martial-arts record of 28-9-0 with just thirty years. Marcin Held currently fights in the lightweight category and has a promising career ahead of himself. Even though he had two losses in the previous three fights, fans still believe he will get to the winning streak once again.

Krzysztof Soszynski

Professional MMA fighters with the most memorable nickname. Soszynski “The Polish Experiment” had his last fight in 2011 but is still remembered as one of the greatest mixed-martial-arts fighters from Poland. His professional mixed-martial-arts record is 26-12-1, and he used to compete in the light heavyweight category.

Michal Materla

Michal Materla is a middleweight champion born in 1984 in Szczecin, Poland. When anyone thinks of the greatest MMA competitions in history, Michal Materla is hard to forget. He is currently holding the title of the number one Polish Professional Middleweight fighter and has an MMA score of 31-9-0. Moreover, Materla is second on the list of Eastern European active middleweight professional fighters. Even though he lost the last fight by KO against Mariusz Pudzianowski, he is still famous for great winning streaks in his professional mixed-martial-arts career.

Damian Grabowski

Grabowski’s last fight was in 2019, and he also belongs to the list of the best fighters from Poland in MMA. His professional record in mixed-martial-arts matches is 22-5-0, and many ask themself if he will ever step into the ring again. While competing in the heavyweight category with a 120 kg body weight, he got the nickname “Polish Pitbull.” He is famous for winning 17 games with a knockout or a submission. Grabowski is strong in almost every area. Even though “Polish Pitbull” prefers takedowns and ground fighting, he also strikes hard. He specializes in pinning down his opponents and beating out their will to continue fighting.

Jan Błachowicz

One of the best mixed-martial-arts fighters in history is Jan Błachowicz. He started with a professional mixed-martial-arts career in 2007 and used to compete for the KSW. Fans still Remember Jan as one of the biggest KSW champions in the light heavyweight category. He later joined the UFC and is a former champion in lightweight. Whenever he fights in the ring, he receives a standing ovation. Jan has a professional MMA record of 29-9-0. What is more, Jan is the first male UFC champion from Poland in history. Joanna Jędrzejczyk also claimed the UFC champion title as a Polish fighter in a female competition.

Mamed Khalidov

Known as the “Cannibal” among the fans, Mamed Khalidov is an icon of the KSW competition. Born in 1980, Mamed is one of the most successful professional fighters, with an MMA record of 35-8-2. His victories brought him fame among the fans, as he is famous for winning not only the light heavyweight but also the middleweight category KSW champion title.


The Cannibal is a true master in mixed martial arts, with a powerful strike, strong wrestling, and master submissions. If you look at the matches he won, you will see that he has beaten the best in MMA. That includes Brett Cooper, Melvin Manhoef, Jesse Taylor, James Irvin, and other big names who participate in the biggest leagues.


Given the number of role models and talented trainers, we are likely to see more MMA stars emerge from Poland. As the popularity of MMA kept rising, so is the interest in participating in this sport. There are plenty of fighters from different nations who compete in the best MMA leagues worldwide. Many Polish MMA fighters are favored among the fans for their different fighting styles and image. Even though plenty of stars from Poland fight in different MMA promotions, some still only compete in their domestic KSW promotion. The true example is Mamed Khalidov, yet many mixed-martial-arts champions compete in other promotions like UFC.



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