Misfits & DAZN “X SERIES 003” Full Card Recap

The third installment of DAZN and Misfits Boxing’s “X SERIES” took place in Austin, Texas tonight. Internet stars Deen The Great and Walid Sharks headlined as the joining of the two promotions seek to bring higher standards to influencer boxing, and further push it to the mainstream. 

Also on the card was a huge, heavyweight clash between Hasim Rahman Jr. and former UFC fighter Greg Hardy, who stepped in on just four days notice. Rahman Jr. has been eager to get into the crossover limelight since his bout with Jake Paul collapsed earlier this year. Multiple ICB titles were on the line throughout the card, and it did not lack action.

Deen The Great vs Walid Sharks 

Both fighters in this bout are levels above the rest of the card. Fast combination punching from both men led to knockdowns on either side, and excitement from start to finish. Deen The Great was heavily behind after the first two rounds, having been knocked down multiple times in the second.

He came back in the third round to land a thunderous overhand right, folding Walid Sharks where he stood. Although he quickly got back to his feet, the referee ended the fight. A more experienced fighter may have known not to turn his back to the official. Certainly a controversial stoppage after Walid had scored so many knockdowns already and Deen had been allowed to continue. This was one of the best fights influencer boxing has seen.

Chase DeMoor vs Josh Brueckner 

A story of experience vs size was told in this fight. Josh Brueckner, 207 pounds, has a wealth of experience in combat sports, including a professional boxing match in 2019. Chase DeMoor, 234 pounds, was in the fight for about thirty seconds when he bum-rushed at the opening bell. He was gassed beyond belief for the remainder of the fight, as Breunker took his time to seek a knockout on the far bigger man. He was unable to drop DeMoor before his corner retired him before the third round when he told his head coach he could see three of him. Hopefully this will be the end of influencer boxing matches with mismatched fighters—it’s very unsafe. 

Hasim Rahman Jr. vs Greg Hardy 

Hasim Rahman Jr. looked unaffected in the first round by the near 100 pound weight difference in this matchup, as he picked clean shots and danced around Greg Hardy. But the evasions didn’t last long in the second round when Hardy trapped Rahman against the ropes and beat him with a dozen huge right hands. It looked like Rahman might get out of the round on his feet, but was dropped with a fast straight just ten seconds before the bell. Rahman got his own back when he returned to his feet though, rocking Hardy with a big left hook as the round ended.

Hardy stumbled Rahman at the opening of round three, and the remainder of the fight progressed in the same way. The gigantic size difference became the deciding factor. Rahman was unable to use his movement to neutralize Hardy after he got hurt from the right hands in round two. Rahman was content to avoid more punishment by the final round, and Hardy cruised his way to a victory. He looked better and better as the fight progressed, and was genuinely impressive by the time he got into the swing of things. If Greg Hardy is to continue down the influencer boxing path—he’s going to be very difficult to beat. 

King Kenny vs DK Money 

King Kenny has found his right hand. After two timid showings from him in the ring, he has shown us the aggression he was badly missing. DK Money came out throwing swatting rear hands in response to Kenny’s sharp jabs, but was too slow to connect. Kenny followed his jab with a right hook that stumbled DK, before closing the show with a second one. Comprehensive, incisive performance from Kenny who showed in the short time that he has filled some of the holes in his game. 

FaZe Temperr vs Overtflow 

This one didn’t last long. These two moved around and teased jabs for twenty-five seconds until FaZe Temperr stepped in with a compact, counter one-two—dropping Overtflow flow straight onto his back. He couldn’t beat the count, and the fight was over. As good of a return as FaZe Temperr could’ve hoped for after being brutally knocked out by Slim Albaher just three months ago. He puts himself back in position as one of the better fighters in the YouTube scene.

Ice Poseidon vs Brandon Buckingham 

This fight was a prime display of why you will often see the referee step in a little early in these influencer fights. Buckingham has prior experience competing in Muay Thai, but you wouldn’t know one of these men had any substantial edge in experience. Ice Poseidon was landing early: jabs and lead right hands, none with much power. When Buckingham began to fire back, the bout was over quickly. Poseidon stumbled around the ring taking stiff shots with his chin higher than his scalp for almost a minute, and the referee could have stepped in at any time. Eventually, he did. Brandon Buckingham wins by first round knockout. 

Minikon vs Nick Nack Pattiwhack

Pattiwhack came into this fight with a huge 50+ pound weight advantage, and looked to use that early. He swarmed upon the bell of the first round, pushed Minikon around and landed a few lunging forearms with almost zero technique. Pattiwhack quickly gassed and allowed Minikon to pick single shots and one-twos for the remainder of the round. Minikon was clearly the better boxer, and fired right hands at a then-sloppy Pattiwhack for the first half of the fight. 

Both men were exhausted at the start of the third round. They traded slow-motion blows to each other’s chins, with either looking just as likely to get stopped. In the fourth, Pattiwhack was. He did a good job to stay on his feet as he took multiple unprotected blows, totally gassed out. He was deducted a point for holding before being rushed by Minikon, and the referee intervened—weirdly disqualifying Pattiwhack for holding. A fairly even match: both fighters cardio failed them, and neither looked especially skilled. Minikon calls out “Creed” actor Michael B. Jordan in his post-fight interview. 

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