Takakeisho Finds Victory in 2023 January Basho

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Grand Sumo made its return to action for the opening tournament of 2023. Throughout the 15-day basho, there were several withdrawals, including the Yokozuna Terunofuji. The tournament lacked a clear leader through the first 13 days; however, Maegashira #13 Kotoshoho and Ozeki Takakeisho found their way to the front of the pack going into the final day of action.

Takakeisho Captures His Third Emperor’s Cup

Takakeisho would bounce back from a mid tournament skid to claim his third Emperor’s Cup Championship. On the final day of action, Takakeisho entered with a 11-3 record along with his final day foe Maegashira #13 Kotoshoho.

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Takakeisho locked up a sukuinage (Beltless Arm Throw) to fall his opponent and secure a 12th win and ultimately the championship.

“As Ozeki in this position, you’re expected to win, but I’ve channeled that pressure into energy and inspiration,” Takakeisho stated in a post tournament speech.

Kotoshoho, who finished the tournament with an 11-4 record, was awarded the Fighting Spirit Prize. The rikishi posted his first double-digit Makuuchi Division tournament since the September 2020 basho and his first winning record tournament in the Top Division since March 2022.

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