MMASucka Product Review: Fusion Fight Gear’s Mr. Spock BJJ Gi

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Not to be stereotypical or anything, but the majority of the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu scene loves their fair share of comic books, sci-fi movies and video games. Well we’ve talked about them before, not only on this website, but on our social media and ‘Sucka Radio’ as well — Fusion Fight Gear has you covered when it comes to licensed fight wear for your BJJ needs.

The task at hand for this mission — The Star Trek Mr. Spock BJJ Gi – White.

When this gi was handed to me, I expected to have something stiff and heavy, sort of like what you get when you first go to a gym and they show you the loaner gis. Well that was not the case at all. The Spock gi is light and super comfortable.

The jacket is a lightweight 550 gsm white Japanese weave, yet highly durable, with the pants a 300 gsm double twill that have knee reinforcements. I’ve worn this gi more than a handful of times at the gym and it still looks as good as the day it was given to me.

The one thing I will say is that it fits a little big. I am normally an A2, which is what I got here, but it had to be shrunk a little bit and the pants are still a tad long. But hey, that’s what the seamstress is for, right?

Screen Shot 2016-02-07 at 2.16.48 PM

This thing is called the Mr. Spock BJJ Gi for a reason, it’s scattered with Star Trek and Spock paraphernalia all over it. On the sleeves you have a couple of different logos — Vulcan Salute first seen in the Classic Episode “Amok Time” on the right upper arm and the left upper arm the IDIC symbol, which is an acronym for Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations, the basis of Vulcan philosophy, celebrating the vast array of variables in the universe. Both of these are embroidered right into the material. It doesn’t stop there, hidden beneath the gi, on the inner neck lining in the shoulder area is a Spock collage, which provides more comfort while rolling. This lining is made of a sublimation printed mesh material, and is great for wicking moisture away from the body. I’m sure you don’t know Vulkan and neither do I, but there is some scripture embroidered onto the lower pant leg.

This is a limited edition product and has been out for a little while now, so if you want in on the awesomeness and awe that is Mr. Spock then the time is now. It is limited to only 300 highly collectible pieces. Each piece will come individually numbered. Once they have sold out, this BJJ gi will be retired.

I understand if you want to be that guy that walks into the gym or academy unnoticed, but if you want to be seen then this is the gi for you. I can all but guarantee that every single person on the mat will notice something about it and question you about where you got it. Right then is when you tell them to head on over to fusionfightgear.com and place an order.

You may ask yourself why this gi is $199.99 USD and it’s from a company that you’ve never heard, well let me tell you there are reasons for this and it is well worth it. Think about what you’re getting, officially licensed jiu jitsu gear that is limited edition at the highest quality around. Take that to the bank and cash it!

Appearance – 10/10

Durability – 10/10

Comfort – 10/10

Price – 10/10

Overall – 10/10

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