Miesha Tate: Rousey’s not a fighter

Strikeforce’s upcoming clash for the women’s 135 pound title pits champion Miesha Tate against upstart challenger Ronda Rousey. It is arguably the most-hyped women’s fight since Gina Carano met “Cyborg” Santos. With both Carano and Santos out of the picture, this fight is also for the top spot in all of women’s mixed martial arts.

Somewhat understandably yet disappointingly, a lot of the hype has focused on the women’s looks. Joe Rogan recently said it was going to be the “hottest championship fight ever”. But heading into Saturday’s fight, Tate seems philisophical about being compared in looks as well as martial arts skills.

I think it should be more about the fight, because that’s what we’re doing. You know, we’re not coming there to look like super models, we’re coming there to beat each other up.   And you know that’s what’s exciting to me about it.  Some people I think are kind of may be initially drawn because of the looks or whatnot.  You know, that’s kind of an interesting part of it, is that we are both feminine outside the cage and carry ourselves as, you know, girly girls and whatnot.  But we can get in there and throw it down and so, I think it makes for an interesting contrast.

Rousey has been very verbal heading into the clash with Tate, saying as many outlandish things to as many media outlets as possible in order to try and hype up the fight as a true mixed martial arts event. While Rousey alternately berates Tate and then says, as Michael Corelone would “it’s strictly business”; Tate seems to be keeping a mental note of Rousey’s statements and allowing that to motivate her.

Ronda’s been incredibly disrespectful on a number of occasions.  And you know, she says for her, supposedly,  it’s not personal and whatnot.  But, I mean, there’s things that when you say some things that make it personal.  And so, for me she’s really kind of pissed me off.  You know she just runs her mouth more than I feel that she should.

The fact that she has to fight Rousey at all seems to bother Tate, who name checks both Sarah Kaufman and Alexis Davis as more worthy of a title shot. While it’s clear Tate respects Rousey’s judo skills, the champion seems intent on testing Rousey in all aspects of MMA.

She’s not a fighter.  You know, I haven’t seen Ronda fight anyone yet.  She’s 4-0 as a professional and she’s gone out there and played judo with these girls that don’t have any judo or wrestling background…so that’s a huge key element that’s going to be a game changer in this fight, I feel, because I do have a wrestling background.  I have a sense of the pushing and the pulling of the feet and how that can work.  So basically, she goes out there and she plays Judo with these girls.  I mean, she doesn’t throw punches, she doesn’t get punched and she doesn’t fight she just, you know,  looks for the submission almost immediately as if she’s just desperate she doesn’t want to be exposed.

The stage is set for Saturday night with a brash, cocky challenger taking on a focused, determined champion. Whatever the result, if the fight lives up to the hype then MMA fans will be asking “Gina who”?

The full MMASucka Radio interview with Miesha Tate can be found here.

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  1. no disrespect ever ment. you did make her fight longer then she ever has…but her style is to finsh the fight. hope your arm is better

  2. Miesha is right…for some reason, Ronda got very lucky and found a way to lock on Miesha’s arm…but, when Ronda faces Sarah on August 18…it will be a different scenario…expect Ronda to have a very swollen face & a good beat-up from a real fighter like Sarah Kaufman…!!!

    • No luck there bud…..Sarah scored 1 (THAT’S RIGHT…ONE!) strike before losing her arm. Ronda is not about luck either. She didn’t just “find” Kaufman’s arm. She is a MASTER (and by this I mean 4th degree black belt in Judo!) at forcing her opponent into her game. She has unlimited moves for takedowns, and then once in full mount, will pound the face until the arms are exposed while covering. After that, it’s all a matter of routine moves for Ronda. She’s so freakin’ awesome!

  3. It won’t last forever, but right now R.R. is the B-E-S-T. Reminds me of Royce Gracie, how he would win 3-4 fights in one night, but rarely fight longer than a few minutes and always submit his opp. A “real fighter” don’t have to give you a good “beat-up”, just has to take you to school in areas where you just are not in their league. You might want to watch and learn from Rhonda R., because I think she is about to change W-MMA the same way Royce Gracie did at UFC 1. Everyone had to learn his style, if they were going to have any future in the sport. The same way all the women will learn R.R.’s if they want to stay in the sport.

  4. Hope she beats Rousey’s ass. The hype title keeps saying Rhonda is the first female fighter in the mma, like she’s fighting herself or something. BOTH of them are the first femaleS to be fighting. Not just Rhonda.

    GO TATE!!!!

  5. Sounds like somebodies JELLY! Funny she’s knocking Rousey for her looks,while her tits are out in her pic.FYI Girls dont accidentally include their tits in pics,that shit is intentional.Enough words, lets see actions Meisha. And NO ONE has EVER said Rousey is the “first mma fighter”..Shes a fucking OLYMPIC ATHLETE,and of course they play up her looks,even Carmouche was dolled up a bit..Its the fucking UFC,This isnt some backyard wrestling shit.The male fighters make sure to look attractive as well{minus Roy Nelson} Groomed eyebrows,died hair,flashy tattoos-this isnt a female thing.Its a fame thing,its looking good and representing the UFC.


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