Road to the Pro’s w/ Fraser Jordan #4 – Back to the grind

It is January 4th and I am sitting in Pathophysiology. I was just informed that I am the only one to not log in and read the pre-class information. It was a nice start to the new semester, as I smile and tell my teacher I didn’t read it because I just didn’t care enough during the holidays. Maybe it was a little too much honesty. We just finished moving and are getting settled after Ali, my girlfriend, and I bought our house. I am now feeling a lot poorer and a little tired, but very excited for 2013.

I am now capable of training consistently in both Campbell River and Courtenay BC without as much effort. For the last two weeks, training has been on the back-burner as we prepared to move. This means I was training 3 to 4 days a week, but I still had a few good training sessions getting some sparring in with Nathan Swayze, Bill Fraser, Mike Hackert, James Pratt, Russ Mccumber, and Oren Hanscomb. I was also able to get some good rolling in with West coast BJJ purple belt Spence Shaw and WCBJJ brown belt Shawn Albrecht.

Now that the move is done and the holiday is over, it is time to start training hard and preparing for the first fight of the new year. I have an idea of when I am fighting, and hopefully the details will fill themselves in soon. Long breaks between fights are tough. I was hoping to fight in the early fall but my opponent fell through. Now it has been 6 months since I walked into the cage and it feels like a distant memory. The break also means that I have added some new tricks as well. I feel like a better fighter than I was last time I entered the cage and by fight time I will be able to show my skills.

I love the sport of MMA and the people involved in it. I always like to be able to give back by helping others train for fights, cornering, running classes and anything else I can do to promote the MMA as a safe legitimate sport. I received an unexpected phone call from a friend the other day, who has an amazing plan that he is trying to organize. As a fighter, a parent and an academic I found his idea to be very exciting and something I would love to be a part of. For the time being I cannot discuss what his plan is but hopefully it is successful and I can find a way to help him accomplish his goal. This would be a great opportunity for me to help the sport grow on the local level. Time to make the best of 2013


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