Dan Hyatt responds to Bec Rawlings recent allegations


On this last week’s episode of TUF 20, Bec Rawlings opened up about her abusive relationship with former partner Dan Hyatt.

The ex of Rawlings spoke to MMASucka.com earlier this year and he was quite frank about his relationship, “While I’m not perfect, having never claimed to be, my estranged wife’s story about domestic violence and abuse, mere allegations, mind you, that have zero criminal charges, restraining orders, police reports or credible, independent eye witness statements to back it up, was conveniently released over three months after our split to take attention away from her still widely assumed and now believed infidelity.”

Dan Hyatt responds to Bec Rawlings recent allegations

After mulling the statement’s from Rawlings earlier in the week, Hyatt wanted to clear the air and had the following to say.

(The below statement is not the opinion of MMASucka or anyone affiliated with MMASucka.)


Given the current climate of affairs and standards within the sport of MMA, and greater society, I do not expect this post to be shared by many, or believed. Now, once more, my name and reputation is being tainted, and once again, my hand has been forced to detail my side of events.

My name is Dan Enson Hyatt, and I am the estranged husband of Bec Rawlings; or as she is still legally known, Bec Hyatt. For introductory sake, I have a storied near decade long history within the Australian MMA scene, a career which has seen me compete as a professional thirteen times, run a successful fight academy, and position myself as a promoter of one of Australia’s most respected and prominent fight organisations. I was the very first trainer of Bec Rawlings (Hyatt), her career manager, and her social media director for 7 of her 8 professional fights outside of the UFC.

The handling of hearsay and unproven allegations within MMA and social circles being reported on as if they are factual, especially so in these circumstances, leaves me, along with many others with a bitter taste in our mouths regarding what media has become. To get to the point, I’m re-visiting my side of events in regards to a story you may have read or heard about me in relation to claims of the domestic violence and abuse suffered by my estranged wife. A story, in which is grossly fabricated to serve an agenda and to damage the reputation of another. A story, in which almost its entire verification comes from the very individual who released it, and for which the majority of its allegations are completely unfounded.

Please note; let it be known that under no circumstances am I an innocent person, or suitable as a role model, and nor have I ever claimed to be.



– I was bullied, physically attacked and mentally abused by my estranged wife, Bec Rawlings (Hyatt), throughout our near four year relationship.

– TUF 20’s Bec Rawlings (Hyatt) is not only a bully, but she is a proven hypocrite, liar and a fake, and she has been for the majority of her life.

– Despite her bullying past, Bec holds a position as an anti-violence and bullying ambassador for Fighters Against Child Abuse Australia [F.A.C.A.A].

– MMA media and social media destroyed my reputation without any proof or conviction relating to unfounded allegations made by my estranged wife.

– Due to my estranged wife’s claims, my name and reputation has been universally dragged through the dirt alongside convicted, proven criminals, pedophiles, child abusers, rapists and domestic violence perpetrators.

– I hold no criminal charges, arrests or history regarding any allegations made against me despite such public affairs, even despite the fact my estranged wife’s sister is serving member within the police force.

– My students and I have been denied deserving opportunity on bigger stages directly because of my estranged wife’s influence, and allegations.

– My estranged wife was the typical school yard bully, a claim verified by many in her past, and still to this day in her adult life, nothing has changed.

– Multiple bullying victims of her hidden past have spoken out including those with restraining orders, but of course, their stories have fallen on deaf ears.

– Not only is my estranged wife a spoilt brat whom lashes out in petty and childish ways, but she will also only give time to, or help those who she believes can benefit her, or her career. She has used people her whole life.

– My estranged wife’s attention seeking, agenda driven story released several months after our separation was predictably one sided.

– This story was also released to hide a well known, but rarely mentioned case of infidelity with another man, a failed former UFC fighter.

– My estranged wife’s infidelity during our marriage is not her first case, nor is it her first case of keeping one of her children away from their father.

– The wounded bird image of which my estranged wife portrays is falsified to a significant degree to increase marketability. Crocodile tears are a specialty!

– My estranged wife and I have a young child together, a child whom I’m prevented from building a relationship with for no legal reason or logic.

– Details of my involvement in my estranged wife’s fight career, and sudden rise from nobody to worldwide known fight personality are revealed.

– Footage of her preaching about wanting her children, including my son, to be nice to people, and then to be seen bullying others, is not surprising.

– The fact that my estranged wife used a medium such as The Ultimate Fighter to garner sympathy is a laughable joke, and I’m over the charade.

– Upon the release of my initial side of events earlier this year, my estranged wife took to social media to declare that she was ‘extremely disappointed’ that our ‘private relationship troubles’ had been made so public by me, and that she would speak about them no more. This is despite the fact she had been milking them for seven months prior, and continues to talk about them.

– Anyone who has ever voiced their opinion, or questioned my estranged wife regarding her bullying past, and my allegations, have been ignored, blocked and deleted from her social media pages immediately.

– I am fully aware and appreciative that my claims will be seen as bias, and no doubt as an attempt by a jealous, bitter estranged husband to not only save face in light of controversy, but to also act in revenge, in hope of derailing my estranged wife’s popularity and fame. Although completely untrue, I have dealt with such accusations for almost eighteen months now.

– As her lover, husband and manager throughout the majority of her fight career, and directly responsible for building the image and popularity of which she holds, knowing exactly what type of person she is, I am perhaps no better than her and deserve no sympathy from the general public. I am not, however, as portrayed in her frivolous story about domestic violence.

As I’m sure you may have witnessed, or perhaps heard, on the most recent episode of TUF 20, my estranged wife decided to use such an opportunity to portray herself as a victim, and as a pilot to further try and garner support and sympathy from the general public to not only enhance her image as a wounded bird, striving to become a role model, in a poorly structured attempt of leaving her notable and well documented past as a bully behind, but to additionally mask her known, but rarely mentioned, and always censored, case of infidelity with another man while in a marriage which includes two young children. As I’m also sure you may have witnessed, or perhaps heard, my estranged wife has been showing her true colors within the TUF house. Those colors are that of a bully, and a vulture, and they come as no surprise to those who have spent considerable time around her outside of the training gym, been in relationships with her, or grew up with her in Launceston, Tasmania. Bec Rawlings (Hyatt) is hypocrite, a lair and a fake… someone whom picks on those perceived as weaker than her… something that she has done for most of her life. Given the fact that she is capable of preaching kindness to her children, one of those children my son, and within the same time frame be seen more than happy to bully other professional fighters, and in front of a camera, no less, I am sure one can imagine what others, in every day life, have been subject to by her hands.

Upon my estranged wife’s initial allegations against me of domestic violence and torment in August, 2013, a humorously contrived story supported by a handful of people whom hold previous personal grievances and agenda’s against myself, I remained silent for over seven months, remaining steadfast against the wishes of friends, family and management whom implored me to release a counter of events. I refused to be drawn into a tit for tat battle of ‘he said, she said’, for in what position was I, or am I even in now, for people to believe me? After the realisation that my estranged wife’s one sided, unfounded story had done great, irreversible damage to my fight career and personal relations, and began to subject not only myself, but my loyal friends, and new partner to numerous death threats, abusive messages, and cowardly acts, some of which still happen to this day, and most of it facilitated by the fact that major MMA media outlets decided to cover the story as factual, without proof, and without giving me the chance to defend myself, I decided to release my own version of events. As it can be read, my version is most notably not as one sided as my estranged wife’s. Upon the release of my side of events, do you think any major MMA outlet gave me the right of rebuttal? Or do you think they ignored it, as I assumed they would? I mean given that I don’t have 40,000 followers, as a human being in today’s society, what worth do I have, right? I did not make my initial response public to win anyone over, nor was it, or has it ever been about revenge, as I find airing relationship grievances in a public forum, especially when children are involved, immature, and desperate in nature. I did not want any of this, but unfortunately my hand was forced, and an appropriate response had to be tallied, and is tallied once again, as it now continues to dawn upon me that in reality, no matter how polite I am, or how deserving I am in the future throughout my endeavors as a fighter, trainer or promoter, a vast majority of people will always believe that I am the person portrayed by my much more popular estranged wife, and will prevent me, or anyone who may associate with me, from opportunity. Thus far, this has been experienced many times already, not only by myself, but by my fighters.

While I disgruntling accept and acknowledge the position I find myself in, a position dictated by trial throughout MMA and social media, and the popularity of an individual that I had significant input in creating, this is not what I wanted. Before releasing my story, two things dawned upon me. One was that I would never get see my son again, something that has reigned true, and another in that I would be targeted by solicitors, having to engage in a lengthy and costly counter-lawsuit process, for which I was and am still prepared for. While some of the content released in my estranged wife’s attention seeking side of events is factual, it is albeit predictably one sided and agenda driven. I now exist as a social media victim of the society that we live in, and a dose of uplifting, triumphant and headline grabbing P.R is always welcome prior to, and within a reality show, no matter the damage it may do to lesser known people, and their careers, no? Never let the truth get in the way of a good yarn, am I right? I am most certainly not naive enough to believe for one single solitary second that anyone will believe a word of this, given the picture already painted by such a well known and followed individual, and I am fully aware that everything stated within this post will be written off as fictional in its entirely, with the suggestion that I have a very vivid imagination, and knowing that realistically, I cannot possibly hope to compete for the truth with such an already ceremoniously supported story, albeit one without any conviction or truthful, unbiased proof. A story, mind you, created by a bullying, untrustworthy individual in which its one sided contents has been published, given exposure and celebrated as a victory for women worldwide, irresponsibly so by major MMA media outlets, and now the UFC, with no true journalistic integrity or credibility.

I met my estranged wife in January of 2010, and immediately, I fell in love with her. In many ways, I still love her, and I always will. I am certainly no saint, and by my own admission, I am attracted to girls with a bad girl image. This is an unfortunate flaw in my chemical make up, no doubt. Some people say that sometimes the person you would jump in front of a bullet for is most often the person pulling the trigger, and for a long time, I have felt this way, and will continue to feel this way. My once dominating emotion of love, and the memories I hold of happier times have clouded my better judgement, preventing me from speaking out in full, and out of fear that once more, my side of events, in many ways, no different to my estranged wife’s, will not be accepted and merely written off as an attempt by a jealous, bitter estranged husband trying to save face in light of controversy. I get it, I really do, but perhaps now that my estranged wife’s true colors are beginning to show for the world to see, maybe now my story will seem a bit more plausible? I’m not holding my breath, however. Upon meeting my estranged wife, I became her fight trainer, and her lover. Despite being warned and informed of her reputation, I looked past her drug dealing boy friend, her violently aggressive episodes, her considerable documented and undocumented criminal history, and her physically and mentally abusive, emotional and dishonest tendencies. Like any relationship fueled by love, the good times always surpassed the bad and our relationship resulted in marriage and the birth of a beautiful boy, whom I named after Enson Inoue, one of my favorite fighters. In hindsight, given I was abandoned for another man by the only woman I have ever truly loved, or trusted, perhaps my estranged wife’s unfaithfulness to previous boy friends before me, including the very public betrayal and abandonment, not too unfamiliar to mine, of her eldest son’s father, should have raised alarm bells. Either that, or her accountable bullying of those weaker than her, significant bullying in which forced those not up to her standards to obtain restraining orders, or her brazen assault on a male police officer, or a phone call to a young girl insinuating that the young girls fathers suicide was her fault, or the instance where she spat in the face of my elderly grandmother and threatened to cause her physical harm, in my grandmothers own living room, no less, should have perhaps raised alarm bells as well. Does it come as surprise that over recent years, in light of my estranged wife’s falsified image of being a role model and ambassador for those who have suffered real domestic violence and torment, that many victims of my estranged wife’s bullying have come out to speak against her, and that all of it has been ignored and swept under the carpet? Does it disgust anyone to learn that a ‘non-profit’ organisation in Australia currently has her serve as their ‘anti-violence and bullying ambassador’? That my name, because of her claims, has been mentioned alongside convicted, proven pedophiles, child abusers, rapists and domestic violence perpetrators in my home country of Australia? Does it shock anyone that despite my medically diagnosed suffering of depression that throughout our relationship I was haunted with regular comments such as ‘why don’t you just kill yourself already’, and ‘you deserved the beatings your father gave you’, combined with the encouragement of my own son and step son to call me ‘daddy dickhead’ and ‘dumb’ dog’? Great for depression, hey?

The reality is; Bec Rawlings, or Hyatt, depending on how naive you are, is not the person she portrays herself to be, or has been built to accentuate as. How does a man who is almost forty pounds heavier and vastly more experienced and skilled as a fighter not hospitalise at any point someone so much smaller throughout such a traumatic, domestically violent relationship? How does said woman go from lacking confidence and direction to becoming successful, motivated and visibly enthusiastic under such abuse? Better yet, how did she continue to display such tendencies in the public light? How on earth did such abuse continue to take place, unbeknownst to the world, during such public affairs? What is the proof of all these allegations? The testimonies of few, select personal friends, many of whom personally dislike me for a selection of reasons? A piece of paper for a D.V.O that did not activate a restraining order, or any criminal charge, and when documented by authorities predictably failed in its representation of what truly happened? It simply isn’t plausible that a bully such as my estranged wife would throw a television remote at my head and then physically attack me, right? I wasn’t possibly justified in palming her in the face upon approach, because I’m a male, and she is a poor, defenseless female, right? If my alleged abuse and torment is so cut and dry, how did I escape charge? Is it no surprise that the police officers on duty actually sympathised with me regarding the situation? Perhaps one considers such proof as a court summons for damage to residential property? Damage which was facilitated by the realisation of infidelity by the only person I have ever truly loved and trusted. Damage I attended court for and which did not net me a conviction despite the plead of guilty? Let’s not forget that as her initial trainer, and then manager, I built her career from day one to the point of a world championship title fight and a UFC contract, all within four years of being together. How did my estranged wife strive under such traumatic conditions? One would believe her personality and passion would be sucked away? How can such an abused soul be so attention seeking and out going across such a period of time in the public light, no less with her alleged oppressor right by her side the whole way guiding her? I guess one should also ask themselves upon hearing my estranged wife’s plight, and witnessing her crocodile tears, that how it is that I have no criminal record, history or charges? This becomes even more intriguing when it is revealed that my estranged wife’s sister is actually a high ranking member within the Australian police force.

Would you believe me if I told you that all of my estranged wife’s marketing and slogans were contrived by yours truly, for the betterment of her image, marketability and potential sponsors? That her fight name ‘Rowdy’ was given to her by me, and not by who she claims? Why on earth would ‘The Bully’ Bec Rawlings (Hyatt) possibly be given the nickname ‘Rowdy’? It’s not because she is a kind person, I can assure you. Is it a shock that between 2010 to 2013 I slaved across her social media accounts, sometimes over ten hours a day, and posted on numerous MMA forums such as The UG and Sherdog, to facilitate her popularity and image? These postings, including all her online fan interaction, were made by me, all to ensure she could focus exclusively on training and becoming the best fighter possible. Would it surprise you to know that she still does not do the bulk of her fan and forum interaction online? Given her postings difference in grammar, editing and direction between the time period in which I was involved, and now, does any of this click? Does it stagger you to know that my estranged wife’s regularly touted troubles with weight in her past were fabricated solely for marketing purposes, and that the photograph’s plastered across the Internet are of mere pregnancy weight from her first child? Has anyone ever wondered how with just a five mere wins, that four of them have come against opponents making their debut and who had never even fought MMA before? Who was capable of arranging such fights? Someone reputable within the Australian MMA scene, such as myself? Someone who had something to lose by speaking out against the hype train that is Bec Rawlings (Hyatt)? Someone that received a threat stating that if I caused trouble that my career would be, and I quote, ruined? Does it actually surprise anyone that she tries to discredit me in light of all this?

It is my hope to not appear bitter within this posting, but I accept that I will be considered as such. For I long time, I felt abandoned. Then, I felt heartbroken. Now, I’m over the charade that she continues to persist with. I won’t lie; I am not an innocent, and nor have I ever claimed to be. I am capable of bad things by my own admission, and I do not wish for sympathy from anyone. In light of this admission, an admission that is potentially damaging given the allegations and assumptions made against me, I can categorically declare that in large, the continued story told of me is poorly fabricated to a significant degree and that for the life of me I cannot recollect numerous instances within my estranged wife’s nonsense. It is sensationalised for a desired, pedantic and achieved dramatic effect, and in my opinion, and that of many others, was first revealed at a very convenient time to divert attention away from a commonly assumed, and ultimately found to be true, case of infidelity. You can’t put shit on a pancake and call it syrup! Losing my family has been the toughest period of my life. It has brought me more pain and grief than any negative words or backlash throughout social media or beyond ever could. I have never once claimed to be the best husband, or father, and in many ways, I neglected my family, taking it for granted in favor of building my estranged wife’s career. I was a poor husband, and I was a poor father, and this is a regret I live with every single day of my life, a burden I carry and will carry until the day I die. My immediate motivation and priority should have been providing a support base and love for my family, but it was not. My motivations and priorities were this sport, a sport I love. My motivations and priorities were in the career of someone I loved, trusted and believed in. Someone you now see on television each week, someone who I helped build from nothing, and someone who continues to damage my career and quality of life. I now have no chance of changing any of it, nor was I ever given any chance of righting my wrongs. I had a wife, who I committed to for the rest of my life. A wife, who no man will ever love as intensely and unconditionally as I once did. I had a son, who was my dream, and who I wanted to see grow. A son, who I have been prevented from seeing for over eighteen months now despite literal thousands of attempts to arrange some form of visitation.

I woke up on Mother’s Day in 2013 and unbeknownst to me from the night before, I no longer had a family to call my own. The night prior my estranged wife and I attended an MMA event and fell asleep in each others arms. The visual image that my estranged wife seemingly loves to portray of her leaving to provoke the heart strings of domestic violence victims world wide is one hundred percent not true! I was given no chance to say good bye to my son, no attempt to reconcile a marriage and no communication between a husband and wife for almost a year. Out of nowhere, just emptiness, but the same vibrant, enthusiastic, yet allegedly and terribly abused woman still existed. Only a month passes, all while I’m trying to pick up the pieces, and the man who my estranged wife swore she was not cheating on me with, the man she had ‘no interest’ in, is confirmed as her new boy friend, as if she believed nobody saw it coming, and like nobody was talking about it; quite possibly the worst kept secret, and most obvious case of infidelity there has ever been. Now, even to this day, I have only received limited communication from my estranged wife; a black mail attempt to force my hand in signing passport papers for my son, and a black mail attempt prior to the release of her attention seeking, agenda driven story, for which this post is largely the basis of, if I did not return possessions, with both attempts coming in between numerous abusive promises of ensuring that my career and name will be forever ruined. What would communication between an estranged husband and wife (we are not divorced, and we will not be without a lengthy battle relating to assets) be without career sabotage? What would it also be without my estranged wife now doing everything within her ability to prevent not only myself, but my fighters and students from being signed to bigger MMA organisations, or enjoying better opportunities with all her power, might and influence? Fighters who are deserving of competing on bigger stages, but are prevented from doing so because of my estranged wife’s connections. A majority of those connections initially secured by myself as her manager; connections which are now no longer of use to me.

In January of this year, I had a chance encounter with my estranged wife, our son Enson, and the man whom she left me for in a public supermarket. At the time, it had almost been a year since I had saw any of them. One would believe that with such allegations now publicly known, and given such a traumatic relationship, that my estranged wife would be scared of me? Or that her new partner, the man she was unfaithful with, a former UFC fighter, mind you, would stand in my way, knowing the story, and to protect her from such a diabolical human being who had put her through so much? You would think that, but it was certainly not the case, for the vast majority of what is said about me is conjured up to suit an agenda. Not only did my estranged wife communicate with me, but my son remembered who I was, extending his arms out for me to pick him up, all while my estranged wife’s new partner stared at his phone, avoiding my presence. My estranged wife had previously told me that my son did not remember who I was, and did not care that I was gone. Does this kind of hateful, conniving, reprehensible deception match well with the type of person she is now being seen for on television? While I am not legally prevented from seeing my son, with no custody restrictions or court orders in place, what do you think my odds are of obtaining any reasonable rights to build a healthy and productive relationship with my son is? Not very promising, are they? Just as my estranged wife threatened they would be. Why on earth would I now carry my son’s name within my own name for the world to see if I did not want to be a part of his life and development? I love him, and I miss him, and while I will never claim that my estranged wife is a bad mother, for she is not, I have never stopped trying to be a part of his life. Is it a shock to anyone that for over two years she kept her eldest son away from his biological father and family, the very same thing she is now doing to my family and I now? That she made her eldest son refer to me as his father, despite the fact that I was extremely uncomfortable with such circumstances? Does it shock you that upon releasing my initial side of events that my estranged wife threatened her eldest son’s father with the potential of never being able to see his son if he spoke out against her, as I am now? Is it also at all surprising to hear that anyone who has ever voiced their opinion, or questioned my estranged wife regarding her bullying past, and my allegations, have been ignored, blocked and deleted from her social media pages immediately? Is my imagination so vivid to be able to make all this up, and to go into such detail? I think not.

I too was a victim of domestic violence during my relationship with TUF 20’s Bec Rawlings (Hyatt). I had just accepted and acknowledged societies position relating to domestic violence against men, knowing that my admission will never be believed, and that in all likelihood, I will lose respect and be mocked. There’s no conceivable chance that a trained, aggressive fighter such as my estranged wife, who has a history of verifiable abusive and violent acts, not only listed on her criminal record, but remembered vividly by many of her victims, is abusive herself, right? I was slapped, punched, kicked, kneed, spat on, mentally tormented and even baited into attempting suicide more times than I care to remember. This was by a person that I helped build out of love with all my devotion and motivation, a person who became an identity that was manufactured into an image of righteousness solely for the betterment of an MMA career. Domestic violence against men certainly doesn’t invoke the same reaction and I am second to the table after all, having remained silent and steadfast throughout endless criticism, damage of my career and loss of trust. Regardless of what people may think of me, or whether their opinions have changed upon reading this; it matters little. Unlike my fan page. Slander my name throughout the Internet. Sue me for exposing the truth. It has all been done before, and no doubt will continue to be done. Thankfully, however, all of it has lost its effect on me, comparing as nothing to losing my family. Is it for me to suggest that I’m a good person, or a bad person? No, that is subjective. Am I capable of doing bad things? Sure. I can be a right, horrible cunt. But am I the person portrayed in my entirety within a frivolous, one sided, agenda driven story? If I am, I’m an extremely talented actor. I am thankful for my true friends, those who have supported me throughout my estranged wife’s continued, tired charade, and those who judge me on my own merits and morality. Friends who are loyal, a word not present in my estranged wife’s vocabulary. A word she is not even familiar with!

Prior to Mothers Day of 2013, I did not even know the taste of alcohol, and not a single drug had ever passed through my body. I proudly and defiantly went twenty four years of my life without these addictive vices after seeing what it brought out in my abusive, alcoholic father, and in the end, all it took was a spiteful, untrustworthy and unfaithful bully to drive me towards them. My liver should be shot, all things considered, and I have abused more prescription pills than I would ever like to admit, and over what? A contrived story to enhance a cowards marketability and to mask the true self of a hyped up Internet sensation with a padded record? I was weak, and I have been foolish. Silence sometimes offers a greater statement than any worded rebuttal. This reigns especially true when the opposition does a good enough job of making themselves look bad. Other times, however, the opposition must eventually be addressed. Knowing my estranged wife as intimately as I do, I am under no illusions of the reaction this email will evoke from not only her, but her pretentious support base, who are still very much unaware that she is a false prophet. Irregardless, I do believe that I have the right to defend myself, and to portray a more well rounded side of events given the circumstances I find myself in again once more, especially so due to the media, and it is my hope, not my expectation, that my voice can be heard, just as the media and great society allowed for hers to be.

It is not my intention to ruin my estranged wife’s career, as she has tried greatly to ruin mine. This is merely a rebuttal to her claims, for which I believe I am entitled to. To this day, not one soul in the media has ever asked my side of the story, and perhaps now other victims of my estranged wife’s bullying, having seen her true colors on television, will again muster up the courage to speak out, and not let everything be swept under the carpet once more. Often, those truly guilty of any allegation will proclaim their innocence as publicly and as quickly as possible to gain acceptance and support. I remained silent, despite most certainly not being innocent of everything, because I believed it to be the right thing to do. I was wrong!

I am now very much looking forward to moving on with my life with up and coming Australian female fighter ‘Creepy’ Christina Tatnell, and we are both very excited about the expected arrival of our son Elson on December 26th. It is my greatest hope that some day he will get to meet his brother Enson, but we are not holding our breath. Thank you for your support everyone![/quote]

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Jeremy Brand is an experienced MMA writer and columnist. He is the founder of MMASucka.com, and has represented the company with media credentials at many mixed martial arts fights. Jeremy is also a black belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, training in BC, Canada.


  • Madam Vonkook says:

    Relationships are complicated especially toxic /estranged relationships when they are ending .No one is perfect so I am sure Dan and Bec both had their role or part in why the relationship went south .I hope thet you both can now move forward and at least be cordial for the kids sake …unfortunately the kids always seem to be the worst casualties of a break up!I wish Dan and Bec both the best as well as their boys

    • RawrRenegade says:

      Relationships such as this one, as it seems, can have both sides attain blame. I myself was in a relationship in which the female had infidelity and cruel behavior. But on my side, I was not innocent. But nor would I ever lay a finger on a woman. But I would scream and yell and get very mad. It turns into a “she did this” or “he did this” and it’s never ending and tedious. It’s best just to end the relationship before it escalates. It’s awful how things can turn out.

  • omgwtfbbqhax1 says:

    Yet another despicable female that claims DV

  • Grim says:

    Anyone that has ever been in a relationship with a “bogan” woman knows that they are notorious for these kind of actions. They thrive on drama, and where there is none, they make some. They will poke & prod until they get a reaction & then play the victim. Might sound harsh but it’s true. Hope this guy can now have a peaceful life with his new lady.

  • Alex Hordern says:

    and yet now he has assault charges against him for bashing 2 other women. lol sounds more like he is a lair. im sure she isnt perfect but he’s a POS.

  • KB says:

    Please do the respectful thing and remove this article. Giving domestic abusers this kind of platform is not acceptable. Since this was published he’s done time in prison for abusing women. The victim blaming in this piece makes me sick.

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