UFC on Versus 5: Fatlip Fight Picks


Again, we decided to bring something new to the table. The staff at MMASucka and Fatlip radio have gotten together and made their picks for this weekends UFC on Versus 5 card. 1 point for a win, 1 point for the how, 1 point for round and an extra bonus point if they get all 3 correct. We will do this for every “big” event from now on and keep a running tally of who has the most points. The name of the game is “Fatlip Fight Picks”. So without further ado….

Dan Hardy vs Chris Lytle

Jeremy Brand – This is going to be a doozy. Both men will come to the centre of the octagon and bang out until Lytle decides to take this one to the ground. I don’t see it going the distance and I see Lytle doing something that GSP could not do and that is submit “The Outlaw”. Chris Lytle 2nd round sub.

Trevor Dueck – Lytle via KO – cause Dan Hardy is over rated and has a suspect chin. Did I just say that? Yes. Come on the guy changed training camps and is now training with Fatty in Las Vegas. I don’t care if he went on a tour of China and paid the money to train with monks. What tourist hasn’t?

JP Lasaleta – I’ve got Hardy in first round KO and the KO of the night bonus. It’s easy to forget especially since dropping 3 in a row that Hardy still hits like a sledge hammer. Lytle is tough but if they trade blow for blow, Hardy’s power will win this one.

Ed Garcia – Hardy by decision. I just think these guys are gonna beat the crap out of each other for 3 rounds and Hardy needs this a lot more than Lytle.

Damon Holowchak – Lytle Decision. I have always been a big Hardy fan, but if I’m Lytle, the first thing I’m doing is grabbing his leg and hanging on. The proof, as always, is in the puddin’.

Carlin Bardsley – Lytle has the superior grappling and submissions and we will see none of them. Hardy’s the one with his back to the wall so he’ll come out hungrier.

Ben Henderson vs Jim Miller

Jeremy Brand – Another one that is going to be a banger, this time though this one will go to the judges score cards. Miller will not be able to submit Henderson and I can’t see Henderson wrapping up that crazy tight guillotine on Miller. I don’t think the former WEC lightweight champion will have what it takes to defeat Miller, so my pick is Miller via unanimous decision.

Trevor Dueck – Miller by decision – tough fight to call but I’m calling it. Henderson is tough to submit. I think it’s a split decision win for Miller. This is a fight I’d love to see Henderson win, but I’m going with my brain over my heart on this one.This is where I will lose money.

JP Lasaleta – Jim Miller Descision. Jim gets the nod for being on top because he’s bigger stronger and more agressive. I don’t see Bendo getting subbed, but i can see him being dominated. Jim will prove himself right about the WEC guys.

Ed Garcia – Miller by decision. I just don’t see Miller finishing Bendo but he should beat him.

Damon Holowchak – Henderson decision. I think Henderson got a bad rap being on the business end of the kick of the century, but he has the chops, and experience to hang with Miller.

Carlin Bardsley – Miller thinks he’ll get a title shot if he wins so that’s his motivator. Henderson will have a limb removed and still thank jebus afterwards.

Donald Cerrone vs Charles Oliveira

Jeremy Brand – This is a fight that will move either one of this guys into the upper echelon of the lightweight division. This one is going to be going back and forth with both fighters opening each other up. I think each fighters skill set is pretty much the same, although the game planning of Cerrone and his coach Greg Jackson will be the factor of this fight. Donald Cerrone by unanimous decision.

Trevor Dueck – Cerrone via decision – Cerrone decision, not sure why, but I just think Cerrone is just the better fighter in this match up with better stand up. He will come with a great game plan for Oliveira’s jits, which will be not to go to the ground. Go figure. I agree with Damon on this one…Cowboys always win, just ask Clint.

JP Lasaleta – Cerrone by decision. This is my FOTN guess. It’s gonna be back and forth. Both guys have got a similar skill set, but Oliveira takes some pretty big risks, which will cause him to lose some positions on the more seasoned vet in Cowboy.

Ed Garcia – Cerrone by decision. I can’t see Oliveira getting caught by a submission and I can’t see Cerrone finishing him with strikes.

Damon Holowchak – Cerrone via decision. Not just because he’s on a roll, but because he’s a cowboy. And you know what cowboys do? They kick ass. Just ask the aliens.

Carlin Bardsley – I hope Cerrone goes after him but I can see this being a carefully engineered Greg Jackson gameplan decision victory.

Duane Ludwig vs Amir Sadollah

Jeremy Brand – To start the night off we have a fight that will be a slugfest. If this one does go to the judges it will be a close one with both fighters bruised and battered. Both men are great standup fighters, with Ludwig having the advantage in the power department. I think this one will play into who decides to take it to the ground and control it there. I am tossing a coin and picking Sadollah by unanimous decision.

Trevor Dueck – I’m going to have to go with Sadollah on this one, but I will probably change my mind. Like right now. I’m going to have to go with Ludwig. Why? Because I changed my mind. Oh wait..hang on… I’m going to have to go with Sadollah on this one. You see the theme here? Exactly.

JP Lasaleta – BANG. If Sadollah plans on standing with Ludwig like he’s saying in a few prefight interviews, I think Bang is gonna KO Sadollah. Ludwig got the tech and the power to take out Sadollah who stikes like he’s point sparring.

Ed Garcia – Sadollah by TKO let’s say in the second cause I don’t wanna pick 4 decisions.

Damon Holowchak – Sadollah KO/TKO. Ludwig bangs, Sadollah bangs harder. (Thats what she said.)

Carlin Bardsley – If Phil Baroni couldn’t KO Amir I don’t think Ludwig will either.

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