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We are LIVE from the Mohegan Sun Casino where I have taken a break from nursing a colossal hangover and my flickchart addiction to bring you results from Bellator 48!

Opening things up on the MTV2 telecast are lightweights Juan Barrantes and Rene Nazare.

Juan Barrantes vs. Rene Nazare

Nazare throws a combo to open up. Nazare winging away with hooks. Barrantes is backed into the cage and proceeds to clinch. They separate and Nazare starts throwing again. A right hand from Nazare lands hard. Barrantes bloodied up from his nose .  More punches land and Barrantes goes back to the clinch. Nazare with a BIG double-leg takedown. Nazare working away from the top, Barrantes is pinned against the fence. Nazare now to side control.  Nazare continuing to land right hands and Barrantes gets back to guard. Barrantes with a triangle attempt but Nazare slips away.  Nazare continues to land those rights. Nazare looks for a guillotine, but Barrantes slips out as the horn goes to end the round. Very dominant round for Nazare.

The crew works on cleaning blood off the canvas as we wait for round two.  The round opens with Barrantes landing a combination. Nazare looking for the right hand. Nazare with the takedown. Nazare with some short elbows from half-guard. Barrantes is a mess. Picture Killer Carlson from Slap Shot (“Dave’s a killer!…..Dave’s a mess). More rights from Nazare. Nazare easing him towards the fence and disrupts Barrantes’ breathing. Barrantes with a sweep, Nazare gets back to his feet and holds Barrantes against the fence. Couple of uppercuts from Nazare and takes Barrantes back down. More right hands from Nazare. That takes us to the end of the round.

The doctor has stopped the fight as Barrantes’ right eye is swollen shut and Nazare moves to 10-0. He looks like a legit contender for Eddie Alvarez.

WINNER: Rene Nazare by TKO (doctor stoppage) 5:00 R2.

Up next is former UFC Heavyweight champion and Celebrity Rehab alumni Ricco Rodriguez against the man who can take out an entire promotion with one jab, Seth Petruzelli. In the interim we are treated to an extended preview for the upcoming MMA movie “Warrior”. This actually looks really good. Nick Nolte’s in it (the actor not the fighter). In theaters September 9th!

Seth Petruzelli vs. Ricco Rodriguez

This fight is at a catchweight of 230 pounds. Why they didn’t just make it heavyweight I don’t know.   Dan “The Tan” Mirgliotta is your referee.

The round begins and both men feeling each other out. Petruzelli with a spinning back kick that lands low. Ricco walks around gingerly but is ready to go again. Petruzelli lands a leg kick. Petruzelli with a takedown. Ricco immediately wraps up Seth’a arms. Back to the feet and Petruzelli lands a head kick. Petruzelli lands another low kick and moves in with a combination. Ricco with a knee. Ricco now with a body kick. Petruzelli rushes in and Ricco holds him against the fence. Ricco with a knee and short uppercut. They separate and Seth lands some punches. Ricco looks slow. Spinning back kick from Petruzelli pops the crowd so he lands another. Right hand catches Ricco clean and knocks him down. Petruzelli jumps on him to follow up and it is all over!

WINNER: Seth Petruzelli by TKO (punches) 4:21 R1.

Petruzelli uses the post-fight interview to proclaim his intentions to go after the title at light heavyweight.

We are treated to a welterweight fight from the prelims.

Brett Oteri vs. Ryan Quinn

Quinn rushes in and takes Oteri down. Quinn trying to muscle Oteri to the fence. Quinn moves to north-south and back again. Oteri briefly looks for a guillotine. Quinn gets the mount and now moves to Oteri’s back. Quinn going for the rear naked choke and sinks it deep. Oteri goes to sleep and Mirgliotta stops the fight. That was fast.

WINNER: Ryan Quinn by technical submission (RNC) at 1:49 R1.

We move back to live TV and the heavyweight division. Neil Grove joins the crew for guest commentary. His British accent adds an air of class to the proceedings.

Cole Konrad vs. Paul Buentello

Konrad is the Bellator heavyweight champ but the title is not on the line tonight.

The fight begins and so does the feeling out process. Konrad throwing a few jabs.  Konrad establishing the jab and throws a leg kick. Another leg kick from Konrad and a couple more jabs. Another leg kick from Konrad. Buentello has done nothing but stand there for two minutes. Another jab from Konrad. Brief flurry from Konrad. Crowd getting restless. Buentello steps in with an uppercut and Konrad throws a combination. Low kick from Konrad. Konrad looks frustrated at Buentello not engaging. The round ends and the crowd boos. 10-9 for Konrad as he was able to establish a jab and throw some leg kicks, while Buentello didn’t do anything of note.

Round two starts  and Buentello tries throwing a couple of jabs. We’re told Buentello received quite the verbal thrashing from his corner. Not a lot happening, both men throwing jabs that are catching air. Konrad with a leg kick. Another inside leg kick from Konrad. Konrad’s jiggling is almost hypnotic, like a lava lamp. I suddenly want to see a Konrad-Roy Nelson match-up. Konrad attampts to clinch and push Buentello against the fence and the crowd cheers because something actually happened. Buentello escapes and we’re back to the center. Buentello misses an uppercut. Konrad with a one-two. Konrad backs Buentello into the fence and we get a nice little exchange. The round ends and it’s a tough one to score. Not a lot of action.

Round 3 starts and Konrad lands a couple of jabs. Leg kick from Konrad and Buentello lands a counter punch. Konrad with another leg kick. Konrad lands a shot and puts Buentello on the mat. Konrad has his back and looks for an RNC. Doesn’t get it but still has Buentello in a bad spot. Konrad now in half-guard working a little ground and pound. Konrad with some body shots. Konrad methodically working away. Forearm shivers from Konrad. Mirgliotta opts to stand them up, which is a tad puzzling. Konrad with a jab, Buentello answers. Buentello with a body blow and Konrad counters to the head. Buentello pushes Konrad against the fence, Konrad turns him around. The fight ends and it’s a likely decision victory for Konrad.

The official word comes down and it is indeed a decision victory for Cole Konrad. Crowd boos, I’m guessing because it wasn’t the most exciting fight.

WINNER: Cole Konrad by Unanimous Decision (29-28, 30-27 X2)

Bellator CEO Bjorn Rebney stops by for an interview and talks up the fights. They take a moment to acknowledge the passing of Shawn Tompkins.

Next up for the main event, the finals of the featherweight tournament.

Pat Curran vs. Marlon Sandro

Round 1 play by play brought to you from as the site seems to have eaten what I wrote. Stupid technology.

Wild overhand right for Sandro thuds into Curran’s arms. Curran lands a right of his own and glances. Hard Sandro low kick lands. Curran tries to respond with a teep, but Sandro partially catches it and abates the blow. Jump knee from Curran, and Sandro cracks him with a right hand. Sandro looks for his trademark right uppercut, and catches a kick to the groin that halts the bout for all of five seconds before Sandro tells referee Keith Peterson he’s good to continue. Left hook for Sandro glances, but can’t land his following right uppercut. They duel low kicks, Sandro landing the deeper with his shin. Sandro tries to double his left hook, but Curran ducks underneath. Two spinning back kicks from the Brazilian, but fly wide. Curran triples his jab, and the Brazilian avoids each and every one. Great countering and head movement thus far by Marlon Sandro. Low kick for Curran lands upstairs. He tries to land a low one, and Sandro responds with one of his own. Right uppercut from Sandro smacks Curran’s gloves. Two push kicks land for Curran, and Sandro shoots a double-leg takedown at the bell.

Round 2 begins  and the two exchange punches. Another exchange and Curran lands a solid right. Sandro throwing big punches and missing. Curran defending nicely. Sandro’s right lands and cuts Curran over the eye. Sandro continuing to chip away at Curran. Sandro wants to keep working that cut. Curran with a head kick, Sandro throws another right hand in return. Body kick from Curran. Sandro goes to the body. Curran lands a SMOKING head kick and Sandro is unconscious. WOW, that was huge. Pat Curran is your Bellator featherweight tournament champion and $100,000 richer.

WINNER: Pat Curran by KO (head kick) 4:00 R2.

Bully Beatdown begins which tells us that the telecast is over. Fun card, despite the lackluster Konrad-Buentello fight. Bellator’s lighter weight classes always seem to deliver.

Preliminary results:

Saul Almeida defeats Tateki Matsuda by unanimous decision (30-27 X2, 29-28)

Andrew Calandrelli defeats Matt Nice by submission (keylock) at 3:55 R1

Nik Fekete defeats Mark Griffin by TKO (ground n’ pound) at 3:12 R2

Jeff Nader defeats Dan Cramer by TKO (punches) at 1:04 R3

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