W-1 Fighter Kim Couture Just Worrying About Punching Someone In The Face


When people in the MMA community hear the name Kim Couture, people associate her with being the ex-wife of former UFC star Randy Couture.

Couture (3-5 MMA) looks to keep shedding that label as she faces Suzie Montero (0-0 MMA) this coming Saturday night at the W-1 Reloaded show from the BankUnited Center in Miami on Go Fight Live ( at 8ET/5PT.

What does Couture think of people who say she only kept the Couture name to keep herself in the limelight and advance her career?

“I think it’s pretty funny,” Couture told us. “I was a successful executive in Las Vegas for Steve Wynn for several years and made a lot more money. When I first met Randy, I had a lot more money than he did. You know he wasn’t as famous as he is now. I had a very successful career and you know going to use somebodies’ name to do something is like you know I can see, I can use somebodies’ name to get into a club or something stupid like that. But, who uses somebodies’ name to get into the cage and get punched in the face?

“You have to be crazy to do that. I don’t really think it has anything to do with the name and Randy has spoken out publicly defending me on that case because he’s the one that did not want me to change my name. We are still very close friends and supports me and I support him and it is what it is.”

The UFC bought Strikeforce earlier this year and Strikeforce has some of the best female fighters in the world. Zuffa though has been non-committal about whether they will be bringing the ladies into the UFC and Couture feels it will thrive whether they pick them up or not.

“We are still going strong,” Couture said. “I dont’t think UFC or Strikeforce are the end all for MMA, all women’s MMA. Obviously I’m fighting for W-1 and that card is fantastic and that’s what I’m here to do in Miami to fight for W-1 Saturday night and be the first girl fight on Fox. So it’s a big deal and we have some great promoters out there that have really pushing the girls fight, so I don’t think it’s going anywhere.

In Couture’s last fight on July 8th for AX Combat in calgary against Sheila Bird, she lost via a leg scissors choke and referee Len Koivisto was late getting to Couture as she was unconscious for several seconds before Koivisto got there. Does Couture worry about the officiating being like that again this weekend?

“Don’t worry about anything going into my fights”, Couture said. “I worry about whose in front of me and how many times I’m going to punch them in the face.”

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