Road to the Pro’s: Micah Brakefield #12


Well, it’s 2012, and I just finished my “vacation”. It seems as though I, like Forrest Gump have a skewed concept of “vacation”.  I trained twice a day for the 10 days I had off  and was more tired after than I would have been if I worked.  I was also reminded what it feels like to wake up in the morning and be sore everywhere. I didn’t get as many classes with Kalib Starnes in as I would have liked, but I did manage to get out there a few times and train with him,  Vinicios and Lelo (Axe Capoera studs).  It’s nice to finally feel motivated, not that I didn’t feel challenged in my last fights, but I just didn’t feel any urgency to get in shape or to be all that focused. This year has started off great. I am already in better shape now than I was before any of my fights last year and I finally feel driven to make a run at this sport and see exactly what I can do.

I don’t think that I ever underestimate myself in my athletic abilities, but I do think I was taking more of a sideline approach to my MMA career. Just watching what happened and having the “I coulda trained harder” card in my back pocket in case of a loss.  But that’s over, I am holding myself accountable for my actions this year and look forward to seeing what I can do. I hope to really showcase my talents in this upcoming fight on Feb 11th, and then assess the situation and see whether or not I will go pro.

When I do enter the pro ranks you can expect my first fight to be against someone with a winning record, someone that when I beat will have me climbing the pro ranks in BFL immediately. Anyone who knows me knows that I don’t do things in moderation, I don’t wade slowly into the water and wait till I’m adjusted to the temperature, no, I find the biggest cliff and dive in head first (You can ask my manager Darcy McBride about that). I understand why one might be tempted to take an easy fight when starting off to see where they are at, but frankly I am too impatient for that. Most of the guys that are currently on the pro circuit didn’t have the opportunity to fight as an amateur, so the way I look at it is I have had 7 fights and it doesn’t matter what level they were, it’s all experience.

That’s it for today, my next two weeks will be filled with working, training, eating and sleeping. I would like to thank all my sponsors:  Dominant GroundFVSTR clothing, Passion SportsDank Energy, Drako, T-BarzFine Arts Bartending in Victoria and MMASucka for all the support.

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