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MMASucka Radio w/ Mitch Clarke


We are back for another sweet week of MMASucka Radio.

Our lone guest for the week is Mitch Clarke. We chat with Mitch about his recent loss at UFC 149, his emotions behind his post fight interview, his plan for the future and much more.

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Trevor and Jeremy go over the news from the week including the UFC 205lbs title picture, Eddie Alvarez’s final fight in Bellator and the whole Strikeforce situation.

We were supposed to be joined by Carlin Bardsley to recap some of the news in the world of MMA this week, but he ditched us…. Just kidding, we had a few audio problems and were unable to air his interview however, we’ll have the East Coast hippie on next week.

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Jeremy Brand started up this lovechild called MMASucka.com back in 2009. It began as a hobby project and has turned into much more. In his spare time, you can find Jeremy on the mats, as he is a brown belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

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