Q+A with Cage Warriors Ring Girl Natalie Lawrence


You’ll never find yourself asking what round it is when you’re watching a Cage Warriors Fighting Championships event.

That’s because England’s top MMA promotion is lucky enough to have the lovely and talented Natalie Lawrence working for them, and this alluring Brit is always on the ball when it comes to holding up the cards — as well as providing a much-needed break for the eyes when we’ve spent far too long being at/watching a man-infested MMA event.

Aside from her duties with Cage Warriors, Natalie is also a commercial, lingerie and swimwear model, as well as a Monster Energy Girl. Safe to say she’s a busy girl.

I was able to steal a few minutes away from Natalie’s hectic day-to-day life and she was kind enough to delve deeper into her participation with both Cage Warriors Fighting Championships and mixed martial arts in general for MMASucka.com


Q. Most people will associate you with your work with Cage Warriors Fighting Championships. How has your experience been with Cage Warriors? How and when did you get involved in Cage Warriors, and how do you like your job?

A. I started working for Cage Warriors in February, so nearly a year ago, it has flown by! It’s an amazing team to be apart of, I’m truly lucky to travel the world with them. It’s such a fun job and an amazing sport to watch. I was scouted by Brooke Lynette and had to attend a casting, try on the uniform etc… Luckily she liked me and she is now not only my team but a best friend!

Q. When did you know that you wanted to be a ring card girl? Do you remember the first time you ring carded and event? Is the job easier or harder than you expected it to be?

A. I love the atmosphere…it’s crazy and such a buzz, so that’s a real attraction of the job. I love wearing the sexy ring girl outfits! I don’t consider the job to be hard as I love it and enjoy it so much, it doesn’t feel like work! My first fight was in Beirut, it was crazzzzy! I hadn’t ever been that close watching any fights, it was a different experience but I loved!

Q. Are you a fan or watching MMA, or do you only do it for the money? If you’re a fan, how lucky do you feel to be able to sit cageside at every event? If you do it for the money, is this something you want to do as a career or is it just something you’re doing to pass the time?

A. I’m definitely a fan, I admire all the hard work and dedication all the fighters have! Before Cage Warriors I didn’t know much about it, but being around it and understanding it more I can’t help but fall more in love with it each fight I’m at. I’m very lucky to be a part of such a great team as Cage Warriors!

Q. Do you train in MMA? Would you ever fight, or are you more of a lover than a fighter?

A. I’m more of a lover than a fighter.

I try and go to the gym 3 or 4 times a week, I don’t train MMA…I’m just in there doing cardo and some light weights.

Q. I know that aside from doing the ring card work you’re also a swimsuit model, as well as a Monster Energy Girl. What does it mean to you to be a sex symbol?

A. Haha I don’t know that I’m a sex symbol! I just love my work, I love modelling and being in front of the camera. Modelling lingerie and swimwear is amazing and I get to visit some great locations! Being a Monster Girl is another fun job, getting to see a lot of extreme sports and meet some great fans. It’s a great thing as a woman to feel confident and sexy, and I get to do that all day as part of my work!

Q. Are you planning on ring carding any MMA shows in Canada anytime soon? You know we’re part of the commonwealth, right?

A. Haha yes I do know Canada is apart of it…. I would love to come over and do some shows there, and photo shoots, I’ve never been so it’s def on my to do list.


If you aren’t following her already, then be sure to follow Natalie on Twitter @Natalie_L23 and on Instagram @Natalie_L23. Also be sure to ‘Like’ her on Facebook.

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