One Stop Shop: MMA video recap, week 1 and 2 August 2013


Here’s the first installment of One Stop Shop: MMASucka MMA video recap where we take the intriguing, funny, and inspiring videos that you just may have not seen just yet, or just too lazy to find yourself.

If you have any suggestions of videos you think will fit in this segment, tweet me at @jplasaleta with #MMASuckavideorecap!

One Stop Shop: MMA video recap, week 1 and 2 August 2013

It is only fitting that we start off this series with the American Gangster from West Linn Oregon.  Chael Sonnen’s poem to Shogun, with, of course, a couple digs at a some other fighters. (posted by FOX Sports)

TUF 17 alumni Kelvin Gastelum and Uraiah Hall are still good buddies even though they had to fight each other in the finale.  Here they are the training together at Mark Munoz’s Reign Training Centre doing some pad work.  (posted by Karyn Bryant)

The nicest guy in MMA gets a couple shots in on his next opponent.  Here’s Mark Munoz about his upcoming fight with Michael Bisping, care of videographer extraordinaire, Rick J Lee. (posted Rick J Lee)

Erik Paulson, founder of CSW and coach to Josh Barnett and Brock Lesnar, makes his second appearance on the Eddie Bravo Radio podcast.   Warning: its about 3 hours in total, but worth the watch with all the stories that both Eddie and Erik have and I’m sure they can fill at least another 10 episodes if they wanted to.  (posted by Eddie Bravo)

The funnies…

If you don’t know… Tommy Toe Hold is a must.  WTF Shogun… (posted by Tommy Toe Hold)

Top 10 martial arts moves you should never try.  I really believe I could do #9 if I really tried, but I have no clue why I would ever need, or want to do #1.  (posted by Alltime10s)

On to some KOs…

Jake Rosholt’s heavyweight brother, Jared Rosholt, makes a huge statement with a 34 second KO at C3 Championship Fights on August 2, 2013. (posted by Janet Jenkins)

A sick Capoeria kick by Julio Cesar “Morceguinho” Neves that will make Capoeiristas around the world smile. The fight happened at WOCS 28 in Brazil.  (posted by ZombieProphet)

And now some inspiration…

If you have never heard of Kyle Maynard, prepared to be inspired.  He was born without arms and legs, and has gone on to overcome his challenges to compete in wrestling, jiujitsu and a bunch over other things.  Here is a video from his recent visit to the Gracie Academy in California.

A friendly wrestling meet on ancient grounds in Olympia, Greece, by FILA to help save Olympic Wrestling.

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