Medical suspensions follow UFC 183

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The Nevada Athletic Commission released a comprehensive list of medical suspensions given out following the blockbuster combat sports event hat was UFC 183 on Jan. 31st. Once the smoke cleared, the full extent of the slug fest was felt with all the bumps and bruises accounted for.

Some of the best performances of the Jan. 31st evening were marred by injury, with Tyron Woodley, Tim Boetsch and Miesha Tate all being hit with 6 month suspensions from competition following their fights. All three will have to seek doctor’s clearance before they are allowed to make contact in their respective training camps.

There were also a host of precautionary suspensions given out for facial lacerations and other various types of trauma; but none as serious as Miesha Tate’s broken orbital bone, Tim Boetsch’s left eye abrasion and Tyron Woodley’s broken right foot. With all of the drama and frenzy that surrounded the UFC 183 event, the injury report emphasized the title picture confusion left in both the flyweight and welterweight divisions following the event. With two top 10 contenders moving up in weight and two suspended for injury, we are unlikely to see a title change hands at 125 & 170 pounds.

Here is a complete list of UFC 183 suspensions:

  • Nick Diaz was suspended until March 18th, Right eye laceration
  • Anderson Silva received a suspension until March 3th for precautionary reasons following a tough fight
  • Kelvin Gastelum was suspended until March 18th because of a cut on his right eyebrow
  • Tyron Woodley was suspended until July 31st for a broken foot, or until he can be medically cleared by doctors.
  • Joe Lauzon received a precautionary suspension until April 2nd.
  • Tim Boetsch was given a 6-month suspension for his right knee and eye abrasion, both of which must be cleared by a doctor.
  • Jordan Mein cannot compete until
  • Miesha Tate much have her left orbital cleared by a doctor and elbow cleared before competition or face a 6-month layoff
  • Ed Herman received a precautionary suspension until March 18th.
  • John Lineker must have his right foot cleared by doctors or face a 6 month suspension.
  • Ian McCall was suspended until March 18th for precautionary reasons
  • Tom Watson must have his right foot cleared by doctors or be out of competition for 6 months.
  • Andy Enz received a suspension until March 18th after a tough fight for precautionary reasons

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