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The Province of Canadian MMA Fighter Rory MacDonald


Canada, a country known for its’ friendly charm and peaceful diplomacy… harbors the terrifying power of a god; a god of war: Canadian MMA fighter, Rory MacDonald.

Setting the Stage for Rory MacDonald at the Top


Rory “Ares” MacDonald (18-2-0), a British Columbia native now fighting out of TriStar gym in Montreal, sure doesn’t look the part of a savage warrior. But mixed martial arts fans should know by now, looks can be deceiving. Standing at roughly six feet tall and carrying about two hundred pounds of “walking around” weight; the UFC welterweight title contender plays the part of the every man incredibly well. People relate to his wholesome stories of loyalty to family and friends. Not to mention that he is the protégé of one of the greatest martial artists of all time Georges St-Pierre.

Nearly four winters have passed since Toronto hosted the largest UFC event in history. Fifty five thousand fans packed the seats of the Rogers Centre to see two hometown heroes lay their bodies on the line for MMA gold. A legendary gooseegg on the forehead of Mark Hominick was one of the only lucid highlights available from that evening outside of the attendance record (with the main event of GSP versus Jake Shields turning out to be a stinker).

But that card was enough to change the MMA landscape in Canada. It ushered in the current platform of the UFC to put on more North American shows in Canada; with cities like Calgary and Vancouver lobbying for their attention.  It also put Georges St-Pierre in the hallowed halls of elite athleticism in Canada that breeds hockey players like Sidney Crosby, which led to vital corporate interest into marketing products in Canada using MMA stars like GSP (Only the greatest French Canadian athletes can get popular in Ontario).

Since that pinnacle moment, we’ve lost our luster. Not only has there been a lack of interesting cards in Canada since UFC 165, but we don’t have that crucial superstar representing the nation. We are fiercely loyal to the hockey players that picked up that burden and embraced the responsibility with dignity. We support them regardless of the team. We bring the house down at Olympic events. And sometimes we riot through the streets of Vancouver when things don’t go our way. We need someone to bring that passionate sporting patriotism to the biggest stage in mixed martial arts. Will it be Rory MacDonald?

MacDonald’s Chances in a Stacked Division

Can he come out and squash the loss to Robbie Lawler? Can he carry the gold strap? Can he dominate the rest of division that he hasn’t faced? These are all questions that can be solved with a couple solid performances. What can’t be solved is whether those performances are marketable or not. Rory needs to get out in front of the anticipation of the fight. He needs to grab some of the Conor McGregor in Dublin effect and bring it home.  Or maybe he should come out with a Labatt’s Blue like Donald Cerrone.? Whatever he does, he needs to do it soon. We need our national idols right now… especially as we approach another yawn inducing card in Montreal with UFC 186.

One thing to remember though… Rory is a good looking guy (even as a straight guy, you can’t lie). He could play the part incredibly well. A little smile and tiny wink could have millions of Canadian women enthralled. Now if we can add some more charm to the MMA “purist” in Rory MacDonald. He needs to make that front kick to the chin look just a tiny bit sexual in perfection. Now that would turn some heads toward the fine ladies and gentleman of Canadian MMA, wouldn’t it?

If you don’t think that is what worked for other superstars, in the proverbial words of Joe Rogan; “I think you’d be surprised”.

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