UFC on Fox 16: Dillashaw vs Barao II Play-by-Play Live Results


Join MMASucka as we bring you live play by play results of UFC on Fox 16: DIllashaw vs Barao II

UFC on Fox 16: Dillashaw vs Barao II Play-by-Play Live Results

Preliminary Card (Fight Pass)

Zak Cummings vs Dominique Steele

Round 1
Both men touch gloves with Cummings taking the center of the Octagon. Cummings drops Steele with a left hand and swarms on hand against the cage. After a flurry of unanswered punches by Steele the fight is called.

Official Decision: Zak Cummings def. Dominique Steele via TKO (punches) 0:41 of Round 1

Jessamyn Duke vs Elizabeth Phillips

Round 1
Duke quickly takes the center clipping Phillips. They clinch with Phillips swinging at the taller fighter. Duke eats a heavy leg kicks and returns with a right. Phillips lands hard shots as Duke tries closing the distance. Phillips comes in with a right overhand as Duke tries to tie up Phillips with the clinch. Duke lands a head kick, causing Phillips to tie up with her and take the fight to the ground. Duke lands in an armbar position and holds Phillips down. Phillips gains top position and works from Duke’s guard. Phillips lands shots from the guard, with Duke unsuccessfully attacking an armbar allowing Phillips to move to mount. Duke gives up her back and takes shots from Phillips. Phillips attacks with a rear naked choke and the exchange ends up with Duke turning into her an gaining top position. Round ends with Phillips landing elbows from the bottom.

MMASucka Scores: 9-10 Phillips.

Round 2
Phillips starts with another overhand right to Duke. Duke attacks with a knee to the body but still wants the tie up when Phillips engages. Duke goes for a clinch tie up and tries to attack with a judo throw with Phillips still remaining on her feet. Duke attacks with a standing guillotine and Phillips drags it to the ground, gaining top position from the scramble. Duke defends Phillips from her half guard as Phillips looks for punches and opportunities to pass. Phillips moves to the full mount with Duke exploding and tries reversing her position. Phillips ends up back on in mount with Duke giving her back. Phillips easily moves to back side control and is looking for any offense on Duke. Phillips pulls a guillotine attempt as Duke powers from the bottom. Duke, ending up on top from the scramble fights for a leg submission as the round ends.

MMASucka Scores: 9-10 Phillips (18-20 Phillips)

Round 3
Duke as well Phillips come out and start swinging from the pocket with Phillips seeming to get the better of the exchanges. Duke works knees to the body as she starts to mount an offense. Phillips catches a kick unsuccessfully attempting a takedown and Duke scores a takedown. Phillips fights to her feet and Duke attempts a guillotine with Phillips taking the fight back to the floor. Duke holds on to the dominant position through scrambles and looks for another guillotine from the top. Phillips stands up slowly as Duke pressures her to the cage. Dukes unloads with short elbows and punches. Both women take the center of the cage again with Duke looking to land more punches. Duke lands three right hands in a row as both women exchange punches. Phillips seems gassed as she stands against the cage and Duke moves forward with more punches. Duke takes Phillips down and takes her back looking for a rear naked choke. Duke lands strikes from the top and ends the round with a rear naked choke attempt, turned into an armbar attempt. The bell sounds as Duke barely straightens out the arm.

MMASucka Scores: 10-9 Duke (28-29 Phillips)

Official Decision: Elizabeth Phillips def. Jessamyn Duke via Unanimous Decision (29-28 x3)

Ramsey Nijem vs Andrew Holbrook

Round 1
Nijem comes out orthodox with Holbrook in southpaw stance. Nijem leads with a left hand as he pushes forward on Holbrook after a few moments of circling. Holbrook goes for a takedown and holds Nijem against the fence. Nijem turns Holbrook around and vice versa as the fight becomes a grind against the cage. Holbrook lands a knee to the body and Nijem swings from the clinch break. Nijem lands a front kick and hits a knee tap takedown into Holbrook’s guard. Holbrook looks for a guillotine from the bottom but Nijem works out of it. Holbrook attacks from the bottom with elbows and punches and allows Nijem to move into side control. Holbrook adjusts with Nijem as he tries to pass and both stand up with Holbrook holding Nijem to the cage. Nijem turns around and lands knees to the thighs of Holbrook. Nijem lands an elbow from the break and attacks with more punches and knees. Nijem avoids a swinging punch from Holbrook and takes him down again. Holbrook lands a solid upkick as Nijem follows him to the ground with shots. Holbrook answers with shots from the bottom to close the round.

MMASucka Scores: 10-9 Nijem

Round 2
Holbrook takes the center at the start of the round and Nijem comes in with punches that rock Holbrook. Holbrook ties Nijem up with his back to the cage. Nijem wants a takedown but Holbrook tries attacking with a guillotine as both men go to the mat. Holbrook keeps a hold on the guillotine but Nijem scramblws out and ends up on top again. Holbrook rolls to attack the leg of Nijem and ends up defending a leg attack. Nijem and Holbrook scramble some more and Nijem tries taking his back and the entire scramble ends with Holbrook in Nijem’s guard. Holbrook lands three hard shots from the top and Nijem looks to sweep from the bottom. Holbrook attacks with a D’arce choke from the top as Nijem stays calm and turns out of it. Nijem pushes Holbrook to the cage and hits another takedown that ends with Holbrook on top out of it all. Holbrook attacks with a knee to the body and Nijem is able to score another takedown and ends the round with light punches to Holbrook.

MMASucka Scores: 9-10 Holbrook (19-19)

Round 3
Nijem comes out fast with his punches and gets Holbrook to the mat in less than twenty seconds. Holbrook attacks with a kimura attempt from the bottom ala Carlos Condit, but Nijem turns out and Holbrook attacks with a knee bar. Nijem turns out of the submission and takes Holbrook’s back. Nijem gets one hook in as he has Holbrook’s back and is seeming to take his time with attacking. Nijem takes back side control and lands a few short shots and stays dominant in his position. Holbrook tries to turn into Nijem but Nijem a veteran, turns with him and still tries to attack from Holbrook’s back. Nijem lands shots from Holbrook’s back and ends up in side control to finish the round with short ground and pound.

MMASucka Scores: 10-9 Nijem (28-29 Nijem)

Official Decision: Andrew Holbrook def. Ramsey Nijem via Split Decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28)

Daron Cruickshrank vs James Krause

Round 1
Krause takes the center early with Cruickshrank moving away and landing a few punch kick combinations. Cruickshrank takes Krause down for a moment after catching a kick and both men end up standing again. Through exchanges Cruickshrank takes Krause down again but both stand up almost immediately. Cruickshrank easily grabs a leg and takes Krause down again and both men tie up. Krause hits a trip and takes the back of Cruickshrank. Krause attacks with a rear naked choke and Cruickshrank is forced to tap.

Official Decision: James Krause def. Daron Cruickshrank via Sumbission (RNC) at 1:27 of Round 1

Preliminary Card (Fox)

Eddie Wineland vs Bryan Caraway

Round 1
Wineland comes out aggressively and looks to establish his reach. Caraway eats a hard leg kick and scores a takedown early on Wineland. Caraway works with knees from the clinch and pressures Wineland against the fence. Wineland looks for a 1-2 combo as he moves forward on Caraway. Winelands scores a strong leg kick and is showing his better standup with his head movement looking sharp. Caraway moves in looking for the jab and Wineland’s footwork is shown to be better and faster than Caraway’s hands. Caraway pushes towards the fence and Wineland shows smarts by attacking for a guillotine prompting Caraway to break away. Wineland’s foot work is showing to be on point as he is moving more and bobbing and weaving as well. Caraway is showing more movement as the round continues, bot men barely eating punches. Wineland ends the round with a nice knee and left hook.

MMASucka Scores: 9-10 Caraway

Round 2
Wineland comes out landing two jabs right away with Caraway landing jabs and a check right hook as well. Caraway lands an overhand right hand as Eddie starts to look for an uppercut. Wineland tests the double jabs as Caraway circles out. Caraway lands a good jab with Eddie countering with a leg kick. Caraway looks for the overhand again. Caraway lands a knee to the body off of a clinch after a failed takedown attempt. Caraway moves out of range as Eddie looks for his combos, just barely missing. Caraway is finding success with the right overhand and check left hook as Wineland is missing in volume with combo attempts. Caraway lands two uppercuts from the clinch and the two quickly separate. Caraway looks for the jab as Eddie cannot get his combos started up. Caraway goads Eddie in and lands a nice knee after a takedown attempt. The two exchange a few shots as Caraway ends it better with a check hook.

MMASucka Scores: 9-10 Caraway (18-20 Caraway)

Round 3
Caraway pushes forward looking for hooks and backs Eddie up. Wineland lands a nice jab and stuffs a takedown attempt. Caraway has not found his range and is barely missing all of his shots as Caraway answers with jabs and his possible takedown attempts. Caraway lands a short overhand right after Wineland tries connecting. Caraway lands an uppercut from the clinch game and continues to push forward onto Wineland. Wineland is showing good head movement but just isn’t connecting with a lot of shots. Caraway keeps pushing forward and Wineland lands a short uppercut and hook. Caraway has found success with a fake takedown shot and right hand. Eddie looks for a short ppercut and Caraway again looks for the clinch. Both men break and Caraway does not let off the gas. Eddie slips two overhand attempts from Caraway but eats a knee shortly after. Caraway gets the better of the exchanges as both men swing to the finish.

MMASucka Scores: 9-10 Caraway (27-30 Caraway)

Official Decision: Bryan Caraway def. Eddie Wineland via Unanimous Decision (29-28 x2, 30-27)

Kenny Robertson vs Ben Saunders

Round 1
both men exchange kicks and Robertson pushes Saunders towards the cage. SAunders attacks with a leg kick and Robertson ties up and looks for a takedown. Robertson throws hard punches from the top and looks for ground and pound. Saunder pulls mission control and looks to hit an omoplata. Robertson escapes and both men end standing with Robertson pulling clinch. They separate and Saunders lands a few low kicks. Both men exchange body kicks and look to trade punches. Both men trade on the inside and Saunders looks to land a knee to Robertson. Robertson cracks Saunders with a left hook and Saunders lands another knee to the body.Robertson has more success with the hook and leg kick combos. Robertson makes a face after blocking a kick from Saunders. Saunders lands a knee to the face as he pushes forward. Robertson lands a right hand that drops Saunders. Saunders grabs mission control and is able to survive the round.

MMASucka Scores: 10-9 Robertson

Round 2
Saunder opens with another body kick. Robertson lands a strong inside leg kick and is looking for another heavy right hand. Robertson lands a nice double jab and right hand combination. Saunders is on the back peddle momentarily as Robertson pushes forward. Robertson steps in with an elbow and Saunders answers with a low kick that ends up as a low blow. Both men take the center again and Robertson comes out looking for the right hand. Robertson lands a clean left hook and looks for more punches out of the clinch. Saunders lands a nice jab that pushes Robertson back and he starts to open up with body kicks. Robertson lands two inside leg kicks and pushes forward missing the right hand. He pushes Saunders back and lands a nice hook to the body. Saunders lands a nice jab uppercut and head kick combo. Saunders has success with the body kick but Robertson and his consistent punches in bunches is winning him the fight. Robertson is slipping all of Saunders punches and pushes him towards the cage. Both me start slipping and avoiding attacks and start punching in high volume with Saunders against the cage. Saunders lands elbows from Robertson attempting a takedown to end the round.

MMASucka Scores: 10-9 Robertson (20-18 Robertson)

Round 3
Saunders opens first with a strong body kick. Robertson ends a missed combinatio with a strong leg kick and Saunders answers with kicks to the body of his own. Robertson keeps dropping his hands as he gets out of the way of Saunder’s punches and seems on the back peddle after a strike to the body. Robertson pushes forward hard for a strong takedown on Saunders. Saunders ends up in mission control again, a strong position for him, and attacks with a defensive position. He cuts Robertson with elbows from the mat and keeps a strong hold on Robertson from the bottom. Saunders has both arms of Robertson in a triangle position and is being instructed by Eddie Bravo to attack an armbar. Saunders continues his violent attack from the bottom with elbows and punches. Robertson is not answering any of these punches and is basically barely surviving from Saunders attack. Robertson escapes and lands in Saunder’s guard to end the round.

MMASucka Scores: 8-10 Saunders (28-28)

Official Decision: Ben Saunders def. Kenny Robertson via Split Decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28)

Jim Miller vs Danny Castillo

Round 1
Millers takes the center quickly and looks for combos. Miller catches a head kick attempt and takes Castillo down. Castillo is in his half guard with Miller on top. Miller moves to mount quickly with Danny trying to squirm out from the bottom. Miller applies pressure from the top and nearly secures a triangle from Castillo’s back. Castillo props out and ends up in side control with Miller on his back. Miller recovers full guard and works with strikes. Miller attacks with an elbow from his back as Castillo tries passing guard. Miller jumps to his feet after pushing Castillo off and both men take to their feet again. Castillo lands an inside kick with Miller looking for the overhand left. Miller barely avoids a high kick to end the round.

MMASucka Scores: 10-9 Miller

Round 2
Castillo takes the center early and moves better than the last round. Miller again barely avoids a high head kick and responds with two strikes after a missed left hook from Castillo. Castillo shows better striking with switches before letting his hands go and more footwork. Miller lands a strong inside leg kick and gets out of the way of Castillo’s swinging punches. Miller lands a switch kick to the outside of Castillo and looks for a lead uppercut. Miller lands a left hand is answered by a body kick from Castillo. Miller is getting barely out of reach with the head kicks again as he lands a body kick to Castillo. Castillo attempts a takedown but Miller easily stuffs it. Both me seem to know each other’s strikes as Miller easily sees Castillo’s strikes coming and answers with inside leg kicks. Castillo lands the high kick finally and Miller answers with a body kick of his own. Castillo throws the head kick two more times ad Miller answers with a leg kick to close the round out.

MMASucka Scores: 10-9 Miller (20-18 Miller)

Round 3
Castillo comes out testing the jab and Miller responds with jabs of his own. Castillo misses the head kick again but lands a two punch combination. Miller pushes forward with a leg kick and Castillo answers with a nice body kick of his own. Castillo is showing more footwork as he looks for combinations with Miller looking for counters. Miller lands another leg kick and Castillo answers with a kick of his own that Miller catches and takes Castillo down for a brief moment. Miller again lands with a strong inside leg kick and Castillo ducks a punch and looks for a takedown. Danny abandons the takedown attempt and both men retake the center. Castillo eats another leg kick as well as a lead uppercut from Miller. Miller looks for an elbow stepping in as Castillo’s kick are beating up his arm. Miller answers with his own body kick as he looks to advance on Danny Castillo. Castillo takes Miller’s back with Miller turning to his back and Danny ending up in side control. Castillo lands short strikes from the top to end the fight.

MMASucka Scores: 10-9 Miller (30-27 Miller)

Official Decision: Jim Miller def. Danny Castillo via Split Decision (29-28, 28-29, 30-27)

Gian Villante vs Tom Lawlor

Round 1
Villante opens with a front kick and eats a right hand from Lawlor. Lawlor counters Villante with a check right hook as Villante tries moving to the outside. Villante lands a nice front kick and just misses with a short uppercut. Lawlor lands a nice left hook and Villante answers with a strong left hand. Villante lands a strong inside leg kick and wants the uppercut off of Lawlor’s punches. Villante goes to the leg again and both men exchange from inside the pocket. Villante goes for the leg again as Lawlor tries moving inside and Lawlor shows the bruise already forming. Lawlor shows a short uppercut but eats another nasty leg kick that buckles him. Villante keeps throwing leg kicks and the amount he throws is starting to show on Lawlor and how hes’s moving. Lawlor tries mounting an offense of hooks and straight punches but cannot find his range. The round ends with both men in the center.

MMASucka Scores: 10-9 Villante

Round 2
Villante starts the round with a body kick and catches him a left hook. Villante comes in strong with a flurry and gets caught with from Lawlor with a right hook counter. After a few strikes the referee calls the fight.

Official Decision Tom Lawlor def. Gian Villante via KO (punch) 0:27 of Round 2

Main Card

Joe Lauzon vs Takanori Gomi

Round 1
Both me touch gloves and Gomi take the center quickly. Gomi lands a shot to the body to start off the range and Lauzon returns with a jab. Gomi lands a nice body shot again after a miss jab and Lauzon pushes forward with a two punch combo. Gomi slips out of the way and throws a hook to be taken down by Lauzon. Lauzon takes the back and attakcs Gomi’s leg. Quickly, Lauzon moves again to Gomi’s back and works strikes to Gomi. Gomi gets flattened out and Lauzon rains down strikes from the top. Lauzon walks off after beating down Gomi and only after he walks off does Herb Dean call it.

Official Decision: Joe Lauzon def. Takanori Gomi via TKO (punches) at 2:37 of Round 1

Edson Barboza vs Paul Felder

Round 1
Both men touch them up and start exchanging early. Felder throws a fast uppercut with Barboza answering with jabs. Felder lands a nice leg kick and is answered by another jab return from Barboza. Edson throws a nice switch kick and is answered by a left hook by Felder. Barboza is throwing the switch body kicks almost as fast as lightening. Felder misses a spinning backfist as well as a spinning back kick. Barboza lands a stiff leg kick to Felder. Felder throws a step in elbow and looks for another spinning backfist. Edson has problems with his right eye and stays with kicks as his offense. Felder checks a kick and it seems Barboza wants to keep it a kicking match. Barboza goes for a spinning heel kick and hits Felder in the cup. Both men take the center again after a short time called and trade punches. Felder tries a wheel kick of his own as both me show their spin attacks. Felder throws his own switch kick but is much slower than Barbnoza’s. Felder throws a spinning heel kick to the knee of Barboza and is looking for a strong kick. Felder lands a strong step in knee to the body.

MMASucka Scores: 9-10 Felder

Round 2
Round starts with Felder moving forward and both men exchanging kicks of their own. Barboza lands an inside leg kick and looks for his jab to be established. Barboza lands a spinning kick to the body of Felder and Felder looks to move forward. Felder lands a spinning backfist of a kick attempt and pushes Barboza back a small bit. Barboza answers with a switch kick to the body. Both men swing and throw all their power into their punches barely missing each other. Felder shows good head movement, avoiding strong strikes being thrown. Barboza lands another strong switch kick to the body. Both men spin and miss each other, and Barboza lands a strong leg kick. Barboza lands another strong leg kick, the silen thud types. Barboza rips another kick to the body and seemingly makes Felder rethink his plan. Felder lands a knee to the body and tries ripping off another combo. He comes at Barboza hands down as Barboza rips another leg kick to end the round.

MMASucka Scores: 10-9 Barboza (19-19 Barboza)

Round 3
Edson takes the center quickly and goes to the leg of Felder again. Barboza lands a jab and then eats a leg kick from Felder. Barboza rips the body of Felder again with another kick and looks to make that his key weapon. Both men wing their punches missing each other and looking for the knockout. Felder looks for the shovel hook to the body and Edson is anticipating it with a nice jab. Felder eats another leg kick. Barboza barely misses a wheel kick and his Felder with another switch kick. Both men exchange switch kicks. Felder tries with another spinning backfist after getting his kick caught by Barboza. Both me exchange punches and Felder lands a knee to the body. Barboza lands a hard power kick to the body of Felder and Felder pursues the clinch against the fence. Barboza lands another kick to the leg to end the fight.

MMASucka Scores: 10-9 Barboza (29-28 Barboza)

Official Decision: Edson Barboza def. Paul Felder via Unanimous Decision (29-28 x3)

Miesha Tate vs Jessica Eye

Round 1
Tate comes out swinging and Eye snaps her jab out to counter. Tate looks for a left hook and Eye gets the better of an exchange. They trade jabs and it seems that Eye is getting the better of Tate in the exchanges so far. Eye follows up with an uppercut after a series of jabs and Tate is starting to show red on her face after getting tagged. Tate misses a front kick and eats a combo from Eye. Eye has success with the counter right hand that seems to catch Tate almost every time. Tate gets caught with a counter punch and backs up with her offense. Tate moves for the takedown with Eye stuffing it. Tate drops Eye with an overhand right and quickly jumps to the ground and is in half guard. Tate tries separating space between her and Eye and throws elbows from the top position. The round ends with Eye landing short shots to the body of Tate.

MMASucka Scores: 9-10 Eye

Round 2
Tate lands a switch kick to the body. Eye seems a little more hesitant and weary to charge in and swing. Tate fakes the takedown and looks for an uppercut. She ties up with Eye and pushes her towards the fence. Eyes lands a knee from the clinch and both separate. Eye catches a kick and strikes down Tate with Tate landing a few shots of her own. Eye lands an inside leg kick and Tate ends up landing a right hand to the jaw after an exchange. Tate lands a right hand that drops Eye and she jumps on her. Eye ties Tate up with her legs from the bottom and saves herself from immediate danger. Tate moves to side control and seemingly moves to half guard. Tate lands elbows to the body of Eye. Tate attacks with a one arm guillotine as Eye tries defending from the bottom. Tate holds on to the guillotine until the end of the round.

MMASucka Scores: 10-9 Tate (19-19)

Round 3
Tate opens with a front kick and is pressuring Eye. Tate lands a switch kick to the body and Eye lands two punches after a short exchange. Tate pushes forward with a takedown attempt but abandons it and both women take to the center again. Tate again, looks for the overhand right. Eye lands an inside leg kick and Tate looks for another jab to counter. Miesha wants the front kick aas she charges forward and Eye tries countering her every time only landing a punch or two. Tate hits a powerful takedown and takes the back of Eye. Tate kicks the thighs of Eye from her back and looks to get a more dominant position. Eye is defending well and forces Yves to stand them up. Tate quickly pushes forward and tries to fight for another takedown attempt. Eye lands an elbow and and a knee as Tate fights for a takedown to end the fight.

MMASucka Scores: 10-9 Tate (29-28 Tate)

Official Decision: Miesha Tate def. Jessica Eye via Unanimous Decision (30-27 x3)

T.J. Dillashaw vs Renan Barao

Round 1
Dillashaw comes out switching stances and Barao attempts a head kick early. Barao lands a front kick as he aims to push him towards the fence. Dillashaw, light on his feet seems to be very confident in his movements. Barao lands a switch kick to the body and a few knees from the clinch. Dillashaw barely misses a headkick and lands a knee to Barao. Dillashaw tags Barao while up against the fence and Barao looks to hold him in the clinch position. Barao lands short punches from the clinch and Barao looks for knees to the body. Dillashaw lands a flurry of uppercuts to the body from the clinch position. Baao answers back with a knee to the body. They separate and Dillashaw slips from a leg kick. Barao ducks a head kick attempt and returns with jabs and movement. Barao swings for the fences as he tries to return fire. Dillashaw is having great success with the jab as he lands about two to three every time he engages Barao. lands a solid head kick and Barao is able to return with a short combo to the head. Dillashaw is talking to Barao as he just lands. The round ends with a front kick from Barao.

MMASucka Scores: 10-9 Dillashaw

Round 2
Barao looks to establish the jab early. Dillashaw lands a body kick and cuts angles to land punches to Barao. Barao ties up Dillashaw and Dillashaw takes advantage being able to land knees and punches. Renan ends up defending a takedown against the cage with Dillashaw landing knees to the legs of Barao. Dillashaw lands a short elbow off of the break. Dillashaw lands a nice cross and follows up with nice head movement and gets taken down by Barao for a split second. T.J. holds Renan against the cage and lands short punches to both the body and head. Renan looks for a trip and swings for the fences as T.J. cuts angles and lands the cleaner punches. Dillashaw successfully makes Barao fight at his pace as he sizes him up before moving in and lands a nice double jab. Dillashaw lands another body shot and Renan ties up for a second and lands a knee to T.J. With every angle Dillashaw turns he lands a punch that makes Renan’s knees buckle. Dillashaw moves in for a takedown and Renan easily stuffs it. The round ends with Dillashaw landing shots up against the cage.

MMASucka Scores: 10-9 Dillashaw (20-18 Dillashaw)

Round 3
Dillashaw continues to cut angles and land almost at will. He is landing at a higher volume as Renan wants to trade with him. T.J is easily moving out of Barao’s punches and gets the head kick off as Barao looks for a winging punch. Dillashaw continues to use head movement for strikes and easily stuffs a takedown from Barao and takes his back. Dillashaw aims for the head kick and the jab is there to stop Barao from advancing. Though Barao engages the clinch, Dillashaw gets more strikes off and makes the entire position his own. Renan pulls Dillashaw to the cage and ties him up with Dillashaw landing knees and short strikes to the head and body. Dillashaw is using better head placement to keep the dominant position and keep Barao to expand energy. Dillashaw easily steps off to the side and lands a clean right hook to Renan. Renana grazes Dillashaw with a head kick. Dillashaw pours it on at the very end after rocking Barao to close out the round.

MMASucka Scores: 10-9 Dillashaw (30-27 Dillashaw)

Round 4
Dillashaw comes out as always hands low and rocks Barao with a left hook. He continues with a flurry of punches that remains unanswered by Barao until Herb Dean calls the fight.

Official Decision: T.J. Dillashaw def. Renan Barao via TKO(Strikes) at 0:35 of Round 4

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