Rachael Ostovich the “Wonder Woman” pursues her dreams in the Invicta cage


Invicta FC 10, December 2014, I was sitting in my Princess Leia slave girl costume waiting to weigh in when I saw somebody else stepping on the scale in a Wonder Woman outfit. Her name was Rachael Ostovich and knew had to meet her, and then started following her career after that. She took down Evva Johnson the next day in an exciting back-and-forth match earning her a decision victory. She also sported a different version of that costume. I had the pleasure to interview her for MMAsucka.com.

Rachael Ostovich the “Wonder Woman” pursues her dreams in the Invicta cage

“I decided to wear the Wonder Woman costume simply because I loved Wonder Woman since I was a young girl,” she explained. In addition to the costume making her memorable and marketable as a fighter, she also wants to set a good example to all young girls. “I want to inspire others to be better and go for their goals. Don’t stop pursuing your dreams!”

Rachael will be taking the next step in pursuing her own dreams on September 12 when she faces hard-hitting flyweight kick boxer Andrea “KGB” Lee in Kansas City for Invicta FC 14. Her major accomplishments are: national Golden Gloves boxing title, three national Muay Thai titles, flyweight titles in Ascend Combat and V3 promotion, various grappling tournaments victories, and in the past was asked to be a member of the U.S. National Kickboxing team.

“I think Andrea lee is a class act and very talented,” Ostovich said. “I know we both have lots of potential in the 125 decision regardless the outcome of this fight. I know she is a tough fighter and step up in competition which is why I’m so excited for this. I’m sure this fight will be fight of the night!”

Rachael trains out of her family’s gym “Jesus is Lord” in Honolulu, Hawaii. They pray before and after practice. “We even have a little bible study before as well for whoever wants to feed their soul.”

“My training consists of kickboxing, boxing, wrestling, jujitsu, and basically just being well rounded and prepared for anything. I feel confident in all areas of MMA and know I can win,” Rachael said. “I train 7 days a week. I always need to do something even if it’s just putting in road work.  The goal is to just make little improvements every day.”

Her father started fighting in his late 20’s, and actively competed in MMA while she and her siblings were growing up. “I basically grew up in the gym if I was not at cheerleading practice. I was a gym rat. My parents stressed how important it was to stay active and encouraged me to do as much sports as I wanted as long as I committed to them. Soon my brother started to compete and I started getting the bug.”

She dabbled in USA Wrestling when she was seven years old, and then fell in love with cheerleading immediately after the movie “Bring it on” came out in elementary school. She joined the wrestling team in high school and did Judo during wrestling off-season. She ended up being a team captain in all three sports and won States for Judo, first team for cheerleading, and 3rd in Sates for wrestling.

“I decided to compete in MMA because for one, I was always around it and very intrigued by it. I remember watching Gina Carano live fighting in Hawaii when I was a kid and she quickly became my favorite female fighter. Besides my dad, she was my inspiration. After high school I begged my dad to let me try it after my success in wrestling and judo. I tried it once and I was hooked.”

Her amateur record is 6-0, she held the 808 Battle Ground 135 title, and Destiny 125/135 titles. Now she’s 2-1 pro, signed to Invicta FC, and hungry for that title. “I constantly set goals for myself and go after them. That’s how it should be. Make goals, accomplish them, make more goals and accomplish those. That’s how you better yourself in life. If you can think it you can do it. Sometimes the hardest part is just staying motivated and focused on the goal and reminding yourself why you’re doing this. It’s just how bad you want it.”

Rachael has an adorable daughter who might end up following in her mother’s footsteps.    “She just turned two in March and she’s a gym rat just like how I was, probably a little worse. She already has her first pair of kid’s boxing gloves and goes at it on the bag. She loves it. Both me and my husband fight so every time we do fight she always says “daddy fight, daddy fight” / “mommy fight, mommy fight!” She’s so smart she knows exactly what we’re doing in there and cheers for us.”

In her free time, when Rachael isn’t trying to catch up on much needed sleep, she enjoys shopping, doing her nails, and using social media. “I’m also in love with fashion, makeup, and the fitness industry which is also so fun to get into.”

Watch Rachael put her skills to the test against Andrea Lee, streamed live on http://www.ufc.tv/page/fightpass

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Twitter: @rachaelostovich

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Watch Invicta on UFC Fight pass, or the Municipal Auditorium, Kansas City, MO.

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