The Drive to Succeed: Andrea “KGB” Lee fights In Invicta 14


“I don’t want to be a worker bee. I want to be a warrior,” states Andrea “KGB” Lee. The Texas native is gearing up for a bout in Invicta FC 14 against Hawaii native Rachael Ostovich. Like all fighters, she is driven to succeed, but her passion for competition is on another level. “Like in feudal Japan, I think the Warrior Class should be respected and heralded as champions. I want people to remember me. I want to make my mark so that my family can be proud of my legacy.”

The Drive to Succeed: Andrea “KGB” Lee fights In Invicta 14

Andrea played volleyball in high school and was a competitive power lifter, but had nobody to encourage and push her in athletics until she was 19.

“I was always the rough and tumble chick amongst my coworkers and the only girl they invited to play in their Saturday tackle football games,” she explained. “I always roughed up some of the guys and they were convinced I’d make a fighter. They knew how fascinated I was by MMA so the all but forced me to contact Donny Aaron at Karate Mafia. I did and immediately I was hooked.”

Her new coach saw potential in her heavy hands. “I chose boxing because that part of my game developed faster and more naturally than the other elements. Donny was convinced I would overwhelm the amateur boxers at the state Golden Gloves Championships. He was right. With only six months of training, I found myself in the finals and scored a 2nd round KO over a girl who had six years of training and a dozen fights.”

Andrea won the National Golden Gloves title, which means she had to go through state and national championships to face the best amateur boxers in the country, many of which were Olympic hopefuls and could qualify that way for the Olympic trials. “I actually had plans to try out for the 2016 U.S. Team but I would have had to stay amateur for almost three more years,” Andrea said. “It just made more sense to turn pro in MMA at the time because I believe that the opportunities for women in professional MMA are much greater than what Boxing has to offer women.”

Andrea was the first female athlete to win Muay Thai titles IKF, WKA and TBA world Amateur titles in the same year. She also won the IKF World Classic twice and was ranked number one 125 female in the world. “I was officially invited to be a member of the US National Kickboxing team, but my professional MMA plans sidetracked that,” she said.

Her record is 13-0 in amateur Muay Thai, and 2-1 in professional MMA with her last bout a decision loss in Invicta 10 in December 2014. She has since had her professional Glory-rules debut in Legacy Kickboxing earlier this year and defeated Lindsey Marino, no. 10 ranked female in the world.   The twenty-six year old is equally passionate about pursuing both MMA and Muay Thai careers and is driven to get titles in both.

Andrea’s opponent for Invicta 14 is Rachael Ostovich, who also brings a 2-1 record and a strong wrestling base. “I’m very impressed with Rachael both as a fighter and as a person,” Andrea said. “Her family is so sweet. It really is bitter sweet that we have to face each other so early in our career. But this sport is cruel and selfish sometimes and we both share a desire to win a world title. Having to fight someone you like just comes with the territory sometimes. I think stylistically I match up very favorably with her. I think I have more tools in my tool box than ppl have seen yet and I have a pretty good idea of what she’s going to be trying to do so I feel very confident in my camp. I’m getting to train with Amanda Bobby Cooper, Sharon Jacobson, Jinh Yu Frey, Montana Stewart, Macy Chaisson, Jen Pomante and Andy Nguyen. I feel there is nothing she’ll do that I haven’t seen.”

Andrea trains at Karate Mafia in Louisiana with her husband and head striking coach Donny Aaron, head wrestling coach Dustin Burton, and many other talented staff. “It definitely has to be one of the best and most complete MMA gyms in the south!” she stated proudly. “I feel Donny is one of the best Muay Thai and kickboxing coaches in the world and we have great chemistry.”

She trains full time: 4 days per week consist of two 4-hour training blocks with a 3 hour nap for recovery at lunch, plus a 2 hour strength and conditioning program at 7 AM. Saturday and Sunday are half days of training, and Monday is her rest day, complete with an ice bath for recovery.

“We don’t have time for a hobby. Pool time after training is as close as I can muster. I love the beach though and I make Donny take me on a beach vacation twice per year.” She likes country music to relax, and likes hair metal bands from the 70’s, 80’s, and early 90’s to amp her up.

They have a four year old daughter Ainslee. “She looks like me and acts like Donny, which isn’t necessarily a good thing,” Andrea laughed. “She loves going to my fights. She seems to understand that the spotlight is on me and she thinks I’m the star of the show. She’s been raised since an infant in the gym so she thinks life revolves around fighting. She’s recently begun training. She is extremely tall and athletic and can do things physically that some adults can’t do. Heck she can do full body weight pull-ups!”

She is 100% focused on winning her upcoming fight September 12th, and someday wants to be the Invicta, Legacy KB, and Lion Fights champ simultaneously. “I never really thought of being a champion at anything when I was young, but as I got involved in MMA it slowly became my only focus. Once I realized I was really good at it I only became hungry for more. At this point I am so single track minded on a world title it borders on obsession.”

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“Also I’d like to thank Amber Sports, Muay Thai Addict, Cash Time, Classic Stone, LUB MMA, Karate Mafia, Relson Gracie BJJ and my loving husband and coach Donny Aaron.”

Watch Invicta FC 14 Saturday, September 12 on UFC Fightpass, or Kansas City, MO, in the Municipal Auditorium. Tickets are available at Ticketmaster. Full fight card is below:

Tonya Evinger (16-5) vs. Pannie Kianzad (8-0)
Katja Kankaanpaa (10-2-1) vs. DeAnna Bennett (7-0)
Roxanne Modafferi (17-12) vs. Mariana Morais (9-2)
Rachael Ostovich (2-1) vs. Andrea Lee (2-1)
Cindy Dandois (5-2) vs. Megan Anderson (4-1)
Jamie Moyle (3-0) vs. Sharon Jacobson (3-1)
Jinh Yu Frey (3-1) vs. Liz McCarthy (2-1)
J.J. Aldrich (1-1) vs. Daniela Kortmann (1-0)
Aspen Ladd (1-0) vs. Amanda Bobby Cooper (1-0)
Rachel Wiley (0-0) vs. Felicia Spencer (0-0)

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