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Eye of the Storm MMA Podcast Episode 18 – A Pitch for Paddy… (And Much More)


UFC Fight Night 76 is in the books, so Justin and Christiaan take the time to discuss the top two fights on the card. They also go deep into the guillotine chokes and shoulder locks thanks to a recent article from Luke Thomas, discuss the psychological benefits of martial arts, and pitch a movie for UFC Fight Night Dublin main eventer Paddy Holohan. We also announce the winner of the MMASucka t-shirt! So grab some popcorn, grab a refreshing beverage, and dig in to the latest episode of the Eye of the Storm MMA Podcast!

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Justin Pierrot is's resident musicologist and TUF aficionado. When not looking after his family or writing his weekly pieces, he's making music as Stormland or building Gundam models.

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