The Walkout Consultant: UFC FIght Night 98

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After the 3 week break, the UFC is back for UFC Fight Night 98. Besides another night of mixed rules fisticuffs, that means there will inevitably be people with bad walkout songs. Songs that don’t suit them, that are overused or even tunes that are just flat out corny. In order to help fighters avoid the further damage to their personal brands that bad walkouts can do, I’m here to give them the guidance their teammates and hangers-on won’t. So, without further ado, let’s get started.

Tony Ferguson

What he last walked out to: “The Party Has Just Begun” – Freestyle

What he should walk out to next: “I’m Your Boogeyman” – Daft Punk

There’s nothing wrong with a fighter wanting to walk out to party music. Tony “El Cucuy” Ferguson, for all his in-cage bad-assery, is apparently stuck in the 80s party-wise. The cheesy, ancient house of Freestyle just doesn’t work for a guy who can do so much damage in the cage. There is much better party music out there, such as White Zombie’s fun-oozing cover of white-boy funk classic “I’m Your Boogie Man.” On the plus side, “El Cucuy” roughly translates out to “Bogeyman,” so there’s some branding and synchronicity at play as well. Check it below.

Felipe Arantes

What he last walked out to: “Nunca Desista” – Munhoz & Mariano

What he should walk out to next:

Nu-Country inspirationals never make for good walkout songs, no matter what the language. Felipe “Sertanejo” Arantes‘ choice of “Nunca Desista” by Brazilian duo Munhoz and Mariano is simply further proof of that. I get wanting to walk out to something that will make you feel empowered, but this kind of sappy modern country isn’t it. There is hope, however, and it still comes from Brazil. The band is Angra, who have been active for nearly 25 years. The song is their cover of the Police’s “Synchronicity II.” Check it out and tell me that wouldn’t be a step up for “Sertanejo” at UFC Fight Night 98.

Heather Jo Clark

What she walked out to last: “Eye of the Tiger” – Survivor

What she should walk out to next: “Private School” – Arkells

For better or worse, Heather Jo Clark exudes an aura of conceit. Her use of the over-played “Eye of the Tiger” by Survivor doesn’t really suit her. So, given that she always seems like she’s looking down her nose at her oppoents, how about she walks out to a song about the elitists? “Private School” by Canadian power-pop act Arkells is an ode of sorts to the upper class. The song’s Beck-ish swagger would suit “Hurricane” Heather quite well, I think. Perhaps you’ll agree after listening below.

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