ROAD FC official statement: final suit by competitor Song Ga-Yeon against ROAD FC CEO Jung Mun-Hong is dismissed

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ROAD Fighting Championship is pleased to announce that the Korean Prosecution Service has dismissed the final criminal lawsuit filed by competitor Song Ga-Yeon, which alleged sexual harassment by CEO Jung Mun-Hong.

Song Ga-Yeon, a Mixed Martial Arts competitor contracted to ROAD Fighting Championship, previously filed a criminal lawsuit against ROAD CEO Jung Mun-Hong in South Korea alleging threat, insult and defamation. On June 28, 2017, the Korean Prosecution Service handed down it’s final decision to dismiss the suit and will take no action against CEO Jung due to lack of evidence and no suspicion of any such criminal activity.

A second suit was filed by Song, alleging sexual harassment. On this suit also, the Prosecution decided not to prosecute and disposed of the suit against CEO Jung without charge at the end of July, 2017.

This brings the total to six criminal complaints filed by Song that have all been dismissed, including the four against CEO Jung, one against Subak Entertainment CEO Kim Young-Chul, and one against Subak’s staff. ROAD is pleased that the correct decision has been made by the Prosecution.

Choi Young-Ki, advisor to ROAD FC, said, “Through the disposition of suspicion by the prosecution, all of Song Ga-Yeon’s claims were deemed to be unfounded. Song intentionally spread negative and false statements to the press against her management company and ROAD FC. ROAD FC was established by Jung Moon-Hong for Korean MMA fighters when MMA was completely absent from Korea. Now, as a global brand created in Korea, it has grown into one of the best mixed martial arts competitions in Asia. Song Ga-Yeon’s unfounded assertions have damaged the honor of ROAD FC and ROAD FC fighters worldwide. I would like to ask how will this suffering and disgrace will be remedied, and who will be responsible.”

It is ROAD’s position that any attempt to break a valid contract in such an unfounded and unscrupulous manner shall not be tolerated, as contract definition is a cornerstone of the MMA industry, for both promoters and competitors. ROAD and CEO Jung emphasize that malicious misrepresentations will be handled in accordance with laws and principles.

However, ROAD and CEO Jung still maintain willingness to solve all issues with Song, if she will apologize, reflect on, and take responsibility for her actions. ROAD and CEO Jung hope that all disputes can be resolved as soon as possible so that all parties can move on for positive development of the sport of MMA.

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