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Arthur Mpofu talks Fighting on the Main Card in 2nd AM. Fight

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Arthur Mpofu earned the second victory of his amateur career at Cage Titans 41.

Cage Titans 41 Post-Fight Interview: Arthur Mpofu

Mpofu took on Daniel Pina on the main card of Cage Titans 41. The Plymouth fighter defeated his opponent by split decision. Admittedly, the routine took adjusting to for Mpofu. In his amateur debut, he fought early on the preliminary card. A vast difference from fighting on the main card.

“The walk was interesting because I was waiting. Since I (was) on the main card, it took a little bit longer and I ended up sitting there. Usually, I am one of the first, second fighters to go and that’s cool, I don’t mind that. But then, the whole waiting was kind of getting to me a little bit but I liked it. Once I got in there I just felt right at home, I don’t know why. I feel more comfortable in the cage than I do at the gym, which is weird.”

In the Fight

Although the scorecards went in his favor, there were aspects of his performance he wasn’t pleased with.

“I knew that my cardio wasn’t really the best for this fight. It was probably the shittiest that (its) ever been. Going into the fight, definitely. When I put him against the cage, I didn’t want to do that. I kind of wanted to keep it more standing up and my coach was yelling at me, ‘take him down. Arthur, take him down.’

But I wanted to keep it striking because the kid could strike. He had good striking, he was very patient. Also, you could tell that the kid could strike. When we came out, I was a little bit spazzy for a couple of seconds and he was just standing there like this, like he was calm. Which is very rare. It was like, ‘Oh shit, alright maybe I need to be doing what he’s doing right now’”.

The Future

The immediate future is unclear for Mpofu. This jump into the amateur ranks was quick. The SBG East fighter took his pro debut on two weeks notice.

“We’ll see, I don’t know. I always say that because I remember the last Cage Titans, I wasn’t even supposed to fight on that. I said I wasn’t going to fight and then [Mike Polvere] found somebody two weeks before the card started. He found somebody for me and I said, ‘Fuck it, let’s just do it’.

Maybe I might take another fight in January, who knows. I am not sure because I do have things that I need to take care of a little bit.”

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