Jon Jones Addresses UFC 232 Situation

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Jon Jones is in the middle of another peculiar situation due to drug testing. Less than a week from UFC 232 and two days from Christmas, news broke that the venue of the event changed from Las Vegas to Inglewood, California.

Many were deeply upset by yet another card altering transgression coming at the hands of Jones. Fighters and fans poured their frustrations to social media. From bewilderment to down right anger, the spectrum of emotions displayed were wide.

Jones’ Intial Statement

Nearly immediately after the story broke, Jon Jones took to twitter in order to explain his perspective. In a series of tweets, Jones remained brief. The former light heavyweight champion thanked the CSAC (California State Athletic Commission) after affirming his goal to earn back the 205 lb. title.

Jones addressed the findings of USADA and most everything else. What he failed to bring up was the NSAC’s (Nevada State Athletic Commission) decision to delay his licensing. A decision which directly blocked Jones from competing on December 29th at UFC 232.

War of Words

Yet, Jones addressed a fan who commented on his statement. The original comment read, “Over to you (Daniel Cormier),” the post then attached video of Cormier sobbing. Jones replied:

This response prompted a fiery exchange between the rivals, Jones and Cormier.

Smoke is beginning to show on the prospects of Jones vs. Cormier 3. At least this continued banter suggests so. While Cormier shot down excitement around a potential trilogy earlier in the fall, one can’t begin to froth from the mouth at the idea of a third fight between the two.

Second Statement from Jones

Following the verbal firefight, Jones took to Instagram where he posted a series of videos on his Instagram story. The former champion further addressed the UFC 232 situation, specifically going into the struggle and frustration of fans. He also didn’t leave out his colleagues competing at the event with him.

Below is a transcript of the videos in there entirety:

“How’s it going everybody? It’s your boy ‘Bones’ Jones here. I just wanted to take the time out to apologize to the fans for what is going on. This is a situation that is completely out of my control. But I still will man up and apologize for this happening. I realize there’s a lot of people who lost out in this situation. People came from Sweden, people came from Brazil, other fighters, I feel you guys’ frustration. Today has been a hell of a day. A hell of a day. Big shock to us all.

Spent tears today because I can feel the frustration of the fans and I’m going to do what I can to try to make it right for at least some of you guys. I’ve already taken care of some flights and some tickets for people. So I’m doing what I can to make this right. I just really want to ensure you guys that this is not a mistake I made. Completely out of my control. But I do feel you guys’ pain and I am sincerely sorry. Love you guys and God bless you guys and I guess I’ll see some of you in California. And that’s about it. Alright, I’m gonna try to get some sleep.”

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