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Our final MMASucka staff picks of 2018 are in. The last UFC card of the year, UFC 232, will take place tomorrow night on December 29th from The Forum in Inglewood, California. Test your luck over at canadian online casinos if you think you’ve got what it takes. Picks for the site will continue into the 2019 calendar year, along with a few additions as suggested by our readers and staff.


In the main event, the UFC light heavyweight championship is up for grabs in a highly anticipated rematch between former pound-for-pound number one and arguably “greatest of all-time” Jon Jones and the always threatening top contender Alexander Gustafsson. The two first battled in September of 2013, seeing Jones take the tight decision victory over Gustafsson in one of the greatest title fights in UFC history. This fight was intended to take place at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas until a positive drug test from Jones resulted into the entire event being moved to California. You can read up about the situation here. Jones is looking to rebound after his overturned third-round knockout victory over Daniel Cormier last July, while “The Mauler” Gustafsson looks to capture gold for the first time in his third career title fight.

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The greatest women’s mixed martial arts fight in MMA history will take place in the card’s co-main event slot. Current bantamweight champion Amanda Nunes will move up in weight to attempt becoming a two-division title holder, set to face off against the current featherweight champion Cris Cyborg. The two have accomplished almost everything capable throughout their careers, along with racking up victories over some of the most dangerous competitors in their respected rankings. Nunes has won her last seven straight, four of them being stoppages inside the first round, while also capturing the title over Miesha Tate in July of 2016. Cyborg is in search of her 21st straight MMA victory and her third title defense in the UFC.

The WINNER of staff picks will have a chance to receive a custom-made championship belt from ProAmBelts following completion of the 2018 calendar year! The 2017 winner was awarded to Wesley Riddle, compiling a record of 118-74 for main card fights. Staff picks compose of both Bellator and UFC fights taken place on the main card.

Check out our final MMASucka staff picks of 2018 below for UFC 232, including the records we have all compiled throughout the year.

Staff Records after UFC on Fox 31

1. Michael DeSantis: 200-98 (3 correct, 1 incorrect)
2. Ryan Wagner: 194-104 (2 correct, 2 incorrect)
3. Wesley Riddle: 188-110 (3 correct, 1 incorrect)
4. Mitchell Banuelos: 185-113 (1 correct, 3 incorrect)
5. Omar Villagrana: 182-116 (2 correct, 2 incorrect)
6. Mike Skytte: 172-126 (2 correct, 2 incorrect)
7. Ed Gallo: 170-128 (2 correct, 2 incorrect)
8. Jeremy Brand: 169-120 (1 correct, 3 incorrect)
9. Justin Pierrot: 149-125 (3 correct, 1 incorrect)
10. Matt Bricker: 116-76 (1 correct, 3 incorrect)
11. Brian Gerson: 111-93 (1 correct, 3 incorrect)
12. Connor Deitrich: 70-36 (2 correct, 2 incorrect)
13. Patrick Auger: 38-34 (3 correct, 1 incorrect)
14. Sasha Moksyakov: 25-31 (4 correct, 0 incorrect)

*UFC on Fox 31: Lee vs. Iaquinta 2 staff picks were not able to be posted last weekend. Parenthesis indicates their records from this prior event*

Chad Mendes (18-4) vs. Alexander Volkanovski (18-1)

Jeremy Brand: Mendes via UD
Wesley Riddle: Volkanovski via SD
Mike Skytte: Mendes via Round 2 TKO
Justin Pierrot: Mendes via UD
Michael DeSantis: Mendes via Round 2 TKO
Ryan Wagner: Mendes via Round 1 TKO
Mitchell Banuelos: Volkanovski via UD
Ed Gallo: Mendes via Round 2 TKO
Omar Villagrana: N/A
Brian Gerson: Mendes via Round 1 TKO
Matt Bricker: Volkanovski via UD
Connor Deitrich: Mendes via Round 2 TKO
Patrick Auger: Mendes via UD
Sasha Moksyakov: Volkanovski via UD
Suraj Sukumar: Mendes via Round 3 TKO

Staff picking Mendes: 10
Staff picking Volkanovski: 4

Ilir Latifi (15-5, 1 NC) vs. Corey Anderson (11-4)

Jeremy Brand: Latifi via Round 2 TKO
Wesley Riddle: Latifi via Round 1 TKO
Mike Skytte: Latifi via Round 1 TKO
Justin Pierrot: Anderson via UD
Michael DeSantis: Latifi via Round 2 TKO
Ryan Wagner: Latifi via Round 2 TKO
Mitchell Banuelos: Latifi via Round 1 TKO
Ed Gallo: Latifi via Round 1 TKO
Omar Villagrana: N/A
Brian Gerson: Latifi via Round 1 TKO
Matt Bricker: Anderson via SD
Connor Deitrich: Latifi via UD
Patrick Auger: Latifi via Round 2 TKO
Sasha Moksyakov: Latifi via Round 2 TKO
Suraj Sukumar: Anderson via UD

Staff picking Latifi: 10
Staff picking Anderson: 3

Carlos Condit (27-5) vs. Michael Chiesa (14-4)

Jeremy Brand: Condit via Round 1 TKO
Wesley Riddle: Chiesa via Round 2 SUB
Mike Skytte: Condit via UD
Justin Pierrot: Condit via UD
Michael DeSantis: Chiesa via Round 2 SUB
Ryan Wagner: Chiesa via Round 2 SUB
Mitchell Banuelos: Condit via Round 1 TKO
Ed Gallo: Condit via Round 2 TKO
Omar Villagrana: N/A
Brian Gerson: Chiesa via Round 1 SUB
Matt Bricker: Chiesa via Round 1 SUB
Connor Deitrich: Chiesa via Round 1 SUB
Patrick Auger: Chiesa via UD
Sasha Moksyakov: Chiesa via Round 2 SUB
Suraj Sukumar: Condit via UD

Staff picking Condit: 6
Staff picking Chiesa: 8

Cris Cyborg (20-1, 1 NC) vs. Amanda Nunes (16-4)

Jeremy Brand: Nunes via Round 3 TKO
Wesley Riddle: Cyborg via Round 3 TKO
Mike Skytte: Nunes via Round 4 TKO
Justin Pierrot: Cyborg via Round 3 TKO
Michael DeSantis: Cyborg via UD
Ryan Wagner: Cyborg via UD
Mitchell Banuelos: Cyborg via UD
Ed Gallo: Nunes via UD
Omar Villagrana: N/A
Brian Gerson: Cyborg via UD
Matt Bricker: Cyborg via UD
Connor Deitrich: Cyborg via Round 3 TKO
Patrick Auger: Cyborg via Round 4 TKO
Sasha Moksyakov: Cyborg via Round 4 TKO
Suraj Sukumar: Nunes via Round 3 TKO

Staff picking Cyborg: 10
Staff picking Nunes: 4

Jon Jones (23-Hamill) vs. Alexander Gustafsson (18-4)

Jeremy Brand: Gustafsson via UD
Wesley Riddle: Gustafsson via UD
Mike Skytte: Gustafsson via Round 2 TKO
Justin Pierrot: Jones via UD
Michael DeSantis: Jones via UD
Ryan Wagner: Jones via UD
Mitchell Banuelos: Jones via UD
Ed Gallo: Gustafsson via SD
Omar Villagrana: N/A
Brian Gerson: Jones via SD
Matt Bricker: Jones via UD
Connor Deitrich: Gustafsson via SD
Patrick Auger: Jones via UD
Sasha Moksyakov: Gustafsson via SD
Suraj Sukumar: Jones via UD

Staff picking Jones: 8
Staff picking Gustafsson: 6

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