TJ Dillashaw Announces “Fit to Fight” Program

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On the horizon of challenging Henry Cejudo for the UFC flyweight title at UFC on ESPN+ 1 on Saturday, January 19, 2019, UFC bantamweight champion TJ Dillashaw is releasing his “Fit to Fight” course program. The program gives an all-access look to Dillashaw’s training. It also gives instructions on many of his warm-ups, drills, and combos.

“Fit to Fight”

Browsing the site, which can be accessed here, it appears the program is broken up into a series of lessons which are meant to be completed before you begin the four-week workout program. The site has a very professional presentation and thus far has very positive ratings.

According to the press release, “he provides up close and personal camera angles so viewers can easily learn the handwork, footwork, and groundwork that have made TJ the current UFC Bantamweight Champion. ‘I didn’t want to have the same tired old videos of an instructor from a single forward camera angle talking in a confusing manner and wanted a way to teach some of the amazing secrets I’ve picked up throughout my fighting life to everyday people and amateur and professional fighters. I know when I was in their shoes, I would have really loved for someone to teach me practical self-defense, or help with my MMA training and career,’ stated Dillashaw.”

TJ on Fit to Fight

“I definitely give instruction in my course that show tons of my secrets,” Dillashaw said, “The way the fight game works though, is to always be innovating. So even as I give trade secrets away on some of my best attributes. I am always working daily to develop new ones.”

If you are a full-time working dad with a family, like myself, this may be the program for you. It can be very difficult to attend BJJ classes or local MMA classes, but a fully in-depth program like this offered by Dillashaw could very well substitute nicely.


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