MMASucka’s ONE Championship: Eternal Glory Staff Picks

ONE Championship: Eternal Glory
Official fight card poster for ONE Championship: Eternal Glory. Photo courtesy of ONE Championship.

Staff picks are in for the first ONE Championship fight card of 2019, ONE Championship: Eternal Glory. The event will be taking place in Jakarta, Indonesia. Also be sure to check out our staff picks for UFC‘s debut card on ESPN+, taking place Saturday in Brooklyn.

The Fights

This is the first time MMASucka has done predictions for ONE Championship. Since some fights on this card are under Muay Thai rules, we will only be picking MMA fights. We have decided to pick what we consider the top four fights on the card. First, we will be picking the main event, where reigning ONE strawweight champion Joshua Pacio will be defending his belt against Japanese contender Yosuke Saruta. Elsewhere, in featherweight action, 20-year-old finish artist Christian Lee takes on Edward Kelly, both fighters 2-2 in their last four. Also in featherweight action, Brazilian jiu-jitsu black belt Bruno Pucci will square off with the 41-year-old veteran Kotetsu Boku. The last fight we will be picking is on the prelims, a lightweight bout between Japan’s Koji Ando and Russia’s Rasul Yakhyaev.

Staff Picks

The winner of staff picks in the 2019 calendar year will have the choice to either be awarded a customized championship belt from ProAmBelts, are a customized championship chain from Championship Chains. 2018’s winner was Michael DeSantis, who finished the year with a record of 202-101.

Koji Ando (12-7) vs Rasul Yakhyaev (11-7)

Jeremy Brand: Yakhyaev via Round 2 TKO

Wesley Riddle: Ando via UD

Mike Skytte: Yakhyaev via UD

Justin Pierrot: Yakhyaev via UD

Michael DeSantis: Ando via UD

Ryan Wagner: Ando via UD

Mitch Banuelos: Yakhyaev via UD

Ed Gallo: Ando via UD

Omar Villagrana: Yakhyaev via UD

Brian Gerson: Ando via UD

Matt Bricker: Yakhyaev via UD

Connor Deitrich: Yakhyaev via UD

Patrick Auger: Ando via UD

Suraj Sukumar: Yakhyaev via UD

Staff picking Ando: 6

Staff Picking Yakhyaev: 8

Bruno Pucci (6-3) vs Kotetsu Boku (26-12-2)

Jeremy Brand: Pucci via Round 2 SUB

Wesley Riddle: Boku via Round 1 TKO

Mike Skytte: Pucci via UD

Justin Pierrot: Boku via Round 1 TKO

Michael DeSantis: Boku via Round 1 TKO

Ryan Wagner: Boku via Round 1 TKO

Mitch Banuelos: Boku via Round 1 TKO

Ed Gallo: Boku via Round 1 TKO

Omar Villagrana: Boku via UD

Brian Gerson: Pucci via Round 2 SUB

Matt Bricker: Boku via Round 2 TKO

Connor Deitrich: Boku via Round 2 TKO

Patrick Auger: Boku via Round 1 TKO

Suraj Sukumar: Boku via Round 1 TKO

Staff Picking Pucci: 3

Staff Picking Boku: 11

Christian Lee (10-3) vs Edward Kelly (11-5)

Jeremy Brand: Lee via UD

Wesley Riddle: Lee via Round 1 TKO

Mike Skytte: Kelly via UD

Justin Pierrot: Lee via UD

Michael DeSantis: Lee via Round 1 KO

Ryan Wagner: Lee via Round 2 SUB

Mitch Banuelos: Lee via Round 2 SUB

Ed Gallo: Lee via UD

Omar Villagrana: Lee via UD

Brian Gerson: Lee via Round 2 SUB

Matt Bricker: Lee via UD

Connor Deitrich: Lee via UD

Patrick Auger: Lee via UD

Suraj Sukumar: Lee via UD

Staff Picking Lee: 13

Staff Picking Kelly: 1

Joshua Pacio (13-2) vs Yosuke Saruta (18-8-3)

Jeremy Brand: Pacio via UD

Wesley Riddle: Pacio via UD

Mike Skytte: Saruta via Round 3 TKO

Justin Pierrot: Pacio via UD

Michael DeSantis: Pacio via UD

Ryan Wagner: Pacio via Round 2 SUB

Mitch Banuelos: Pacio via Round 2 SUB

Ed Gallo: Pacio via Round 3 SUB

Omar Villagrana: Pacio via UD

Brian Gerson: Pacio via UD

Matt Bricker: Pacio via Round 3 SUB

Connor Deitrich: Pacio via Round 2 SUB

Patrick Auger: Pacio via Round 2 SUB

Suraj Sukumar: Pacio via UD

Staff Picking Pacio: 13

Staff Picking Saruta: 1



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