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Fighter Documentary, Fight Life starring Jay Perrin

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Fight Life: Jay Perrin

MMASucka presents our first feature-length fighter documentary. Our story follows Cage Titans pro bantamweight champion, Jay Perrin. Perrin is a boxing instructor for Title Boxing as well as a full time professional mixed martial artist. The champion speaks about the dichotomy growing up in Lowell, Massachusetts, and Nashua, New Hampshire simultaneously. He also discusses the everyday struggles he and fighters like himself endure for only a chance at achieving their dreams.

The MMASucka camera’s followed Perrin over the course of one day. During this time, he illuminated upon many of the situations that brought him to this point, 25 years old on the verge of reaching the pinnacle of his sport.

Documentary Description

Just like any sport, MMA has its own proving grounds where amateurs and professionals alike acquire their skills and experience. Due to the state and age of the sport (among other factors) the lower levels of MMA are difficult to navigate. Many struggle financially and simply can’t hold on long enough to reach a point in which they can seize the opportunities of their dreams. Jay Perrin is a fighter on the regional circuit attempting to carve a path to the big show for himself. As a regional professional champion with a record of 7-3, Perrin is on the verge of seeing his dreams become a reality.

The only question remains is, will he do it?


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