Training Days with UFC Bantamweight Manny Bermudez

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Boston, Massachusetts holds a place in the maps of many due to a few factors. The tough winters, tougher people, and its championship pedigree, among other things. What makes these people tough? Is it something absorbed through the climate or the very people we grew up interacting with? Could it geographical? Most likely, it is something far less dramatic. For the very people of this region come from blue-collar blood. To be honest, though,
the weather might play a factor.

Due to this stereotype, it wouldn’t surprise many to say Boston is home to some of the best fighters in the country. From legends like Joe Lauzon to Tim Sylvia, tales of this New Englanders greatness can be seen not just murmured in the dark.

While the greats from this area linger in a different generation, a new crop of New England fighters look to further establish the reputation of this region. Manny Bermudez of South Shore Sportfighting is one of those new breeds aiming at heights many find unimaginable.

Undefeated as a professional, Bermudez is on the biggest stage one could be in the sport of MMA. As a UFC bantamweight, Bermudez in the midst of assent to the top of the division. At 2-0 with the organization, Bermudez is on the verge further solidifying himself. To do so, he must defeat another touted youngster in Benito Lopez at UFC on ESPN 1.

Competing on the very first UFC card televised by ESPN presents a non-dismissable opportunity. Follow Bermudez through a day of training before his
bout on UFC on ESPN 1 against Benito Lopez. The Boston fighter has the MMASucka cameras follow him throughout a long day of training.


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Brian Gerson is a sports journalist based out of Boston, Massachusetts, specializing in Mixed Martial Arts. He loves animals, fights, and animals fighting. He has met and spoken with countless athletes from the New England region and beyond.

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