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Our second of three MMASucka staff picks are in for this weekend. UFC 241 will take place this evening, August 17th from the Honda Center in Anaheim, California. The main card will begin at 10:00pm ET (7:00pm PT) live on pay-per-view, available for purchase here. Part-three of staff picks for the weekend comes with RIZIN 18; click the link here to view our picks for that card.


The night’s main event will feature a highly-anticipated rematch between current UFC heavyweight champion Daniel Cormier and challenger Stipe Miocic. Cormier captured the belt from Miocic in July by knockout in the first round, at the time seeing Cormier hold both the light heavyweight and heavyweight belts simultaneously. He went on to defend the belt once more in 2018 submitting Derrick Lewis in the second round. Miocic looks to restart a dominant run like he had whilst the heavyweight king. His lengthy stretch at the top including victories over the likes of Francis Ngannou, Junior dos Santos, Alistair Overeem, and Fabricio Werdum showed at the time there was no stopping the Ohio native.

Preceding the heavyweight rematch will see fan-favorites Anthony Pettis and Nate Diaz clash in the co-main event. The move to welterweight for Pettis saw its struggle but impressive comeback in his fight against Stephen Thompson, scoring a “Knockout of the Year” contender in March via superman punch. Diaz will return to the octagon following a near three-year layoff following his two thrilling fights with Conor McGregor in 2016.

Check out the remainder UFC 241 main card fights further below.


Throughout the year, staff picks will be composed of four different MMA promotions: UFCBellatorONE, and RIZIN. Main cards will make up both UFC and Bellator picks, while the biggest fights to make up ONE and RIZIN events will be used. The WINNER of staff picks will have a choice between receiving a championship belt from ProAmBelts or a championship chain from Championship Chains. The 2018 winner was awarded to Michael DeSantis, compiling a record of 202-101.

Check out our MMASucka staff picks for UFC 241 below.

Staff Records after UFC Fight Night 156:

1. Michael DeSantis: 187-94
2. Connor Deitrich: 184-97
3. Ed Gallo: 179-103
4. Brian Gerson: 176-99
5. Mitchell Banuelos: 173-96
6. Mike Skytte: 172-109
7. Jeremy Brand: 166-115
8. Ryan Wagner: 163-77
9. Matt Bricker: 161-110
10. Ash Camyab: 148-102
11. Patrick Auger: 146-113
12. Frazer Krohn: 73-45
13. Ryan Fortune: 54-23
14T. Suraj Sukumar: 53-21
14T. Ryan Hobbs: 53-50
16. Andrew Benjamin: 33-22
17. McKenzie Guardiero: 29-23

*ONE Championship: Dreams of Gold picks from Friday have yet to be added*

Derek Brunson (19-7) vs. Ian Heinisch (13-1)

Jeremy Brand: Brunson via UD
Mike Skytte: Heinisch via UD
Michael DeSantis: Heinisch via UD
Ryan Wagner: Heinisch via UD
Mitchell Banuelos: Brunson via UD
Ed Gallo: Brunson via UD
Matt Bricker: Heinisch via Round 1 TKO
Connor Deitrich: Brunson via Round 2 TKO
Patrick Auger: Heinisch via UD
Ash Camyab: Heinisch via Round 2 TKO
Ryan Hobbs: Brunson via Round 2 TKO
Andrew Benjamin: Brunson via UD
Frazer Krohn: Heinisch via UD
Ryan Fortune: Heinisch via UD
McKenzie Guardiero: Brunson via Round 2 TKO
Suraj Sukumar: Heinisch via Round 2 TKO

Staff picking Brunson: 7
Staff picking Heinisch: 9

Gabriel Benitez (21-6) vs. Sodiq Yusuff (9-1)

Jeremy Brand: Benitez via UD
Mike Skytte: Benitez via Round 3 TKO
Michael DeSantis: Yusuff via UD
Ryan Wagner: Yusuff via Round 1 KO
Mitchell Banuelos: Benitez via UD
Ed Gallo: Benitez via UD
Matt Bricker: Yusuff via UD
Connor Deitrich: Yusuff via SD
Patrick Auger: Yusuff via UD
Ash Camyab: Yusuff via UD
Ryan Hobbs: Yusuff via UD
Andrew Benjamin: Yusuff via UD
Frazer Krohn: Yusuff via Round 2 KO
Ryan Fortune: Yusuff via UD
McKenzie Guardiero: Yusuff via UD
Suraj Sukumar: Yusuff via UD

Staff picking Benitez: 4
Staff picking Yusuff: 12

Yoel Romero (13-3) vs. Paulo Costa (12-0)

Jeremy Brand: Romero via Round 2 TKO
Mike Skytte: Romero via Round 2 TKO
Michael DeSantis: Romero via Round 3 KO
Ryan Wagner: Romero via Round 3 KO
Mitchell Banuelos: Romero via Round 2 TKO
Ed Gallo: Romero via Round 3 KO
Matt Bricker: Romero via Round 1 TKO
Connor Deitrich: Romero via Round 3 KO
Patrick Auger: Romero via UD
Ash Camyab: Romero via Round 1 KO
Ryan Hobbs: Romero via UD
Andrew Benjamin: Romero via UD
Frazer Krohn: Romero via Round 3 TKO
Ryan Fortune: Romero via Round 3 TKO
McKenzie Guardiero: Romero via Round 2 KO
Suraj Sukumar: Romero via Round 1 TKO

Staff picking Romero: 16
Staff picking Costa: 0

Anthony Pettis (22-8) vs. Nate Diaz (19-11)

Jeremy Brand: Diaz via UD
Mike Skytte: Diaz via UD
Michael DeSantis: Diaz via UD
Ryan Wagner: Pettis via UD
Mitchell Banuelos: Diaz via Round 2 SUB
Ed Gallo: Pettis via UD
Matt Bricker: Pettis via UD
Connor Deitrich: Diaz via UD
Patrick Auger: Diaz via Round 3 TKO
Ash Camyab: Diaz via Round 3 SUB
Ryan Hobbs: Diaz via UD
Andrew Benjamin: Pettis via UD
Frazer Krohn: Pettis via UD
Ryan Fortune: Diaz via SD
McKenzie Guardiero: Diaz via Round 1 KO
Suraj Sukumar: Diaz via UD

Staff picking Pettis: 5
Staff picking Diaz: 11

Daniel Cormier (22-1, 1 NC) vs. Stipe Miocic (18-3)

Jeremy Brand: Cormier via Round 2 TKO
Mike Skytte: Cormier via UD
Michael DeSantis: Cormier via Round 2 TKO
Ryan Wagner: Cormier via Round 2 TKO
Mitchell Banuelos: Cormier via UD
Ed Gallo: Miocic via Round 3 TKO
Matt Bricker: Cormier via Round 3 SUB
Connor Deitrich: Miocic via UD
Patrick Auger: Miocic via Round 4 TKO
Ash Camyab: Cormier via Round 5 SUB
Ryan Hobbs: Cormier via UD
Andrew Benjamin: Cormier via UD
Frazer Krohn: Miocic via Round 4 TKO
Ryan Fortune: Cormier via Round 2 TKO
McKenzie Guardiero: Cormier via Round 1 KO
Suraj Sukumar: Cormier via UD

Staff picking Cormier: 12
Staff picking Miocic: 4

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