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The UFC is back in action this week, this time from all the way over in Kallang, Singapore for UFC Fight Night 162. Due to the time difference, the main card will be kicking off at 5:30 am ET on Saturday with the main card following at 8:00. All of the action can be streamed exclusively on ESPN+.

The Fights

Though not a card loaded with fun, there are a few interesting fights to look out for at UFC Fight Night 162. The show’s main event is a welterweight showdown between one of the top grapplers and one of the top wrestlers in the sport of MMA. Demian Maia takes on Ben Askren in a fight that seems guaranteed to provide some fun exchanges on the canvas. Right away, Askren might seem to be the favorite in this match due to the way Maia has handled pressure wrestlers in the past. But, the difference here is that Maia has a clear advantage in the striking department, something that he has never really been able to say recently. Maia will definitely win this fight if he is able to keep it on the feet. Even if he can’t, the world class jiu-jitsu practitioner always has the chance of locking in a submission. As per usual, Askren’s way to win this fight will be by getting Maia on his back, allowing Askren to utilize his punishing top game.

Elsewhere on the card, Michael Johnson takes on Stevie Ray at lightweight in the co-main event. This fight is definitely being slept on, and will likely be a fun striking match between two guys who are underrated in one of the world’s best divisions. Another fun fight in the lightweight division features Frank Camacho and Beneil Dariush. Dariush, who has been a criminally underrated fighter his entire career, will have his hands full with  very powerful striker in Camacho. Heavyweight knockout artist Ciryl Gane takes on Don’tale Mayes in a fight that seems destined to end in the first round. Opening up the main card is a welterweight contest between Muslim Salikhov and Laureano Staropolo.

Staff Picks

Throughout the year, staff picks will be composed of four different MMA promotions: UFCBellatorONE, and RIZIN. Main cards will make up both UFC and Bellator picks, while the biggest fights to make up ONE and RIZIN events will be used. The WINNER of staff picks will have a choice between receiving a championship belt from ProAmBelts or a championship chain from Championship Chains. The 2018 winner was awarded to Michael DeSantis, compiling a record of 202-101.

Check out our MMASucka staff picks for Bellator 231 below.

Staff Records after ONE Championship: Dawn of Valor:

1. Connor Deitrich: 257-143
2. Michael DeSantis: 256-144
3. Ed Gallo: 246-150
4. Mitchell Banuelos: 244-144
5. Mike Skytte: 238-162
6. Jeremy Brand: 235-165
7. Matt Bricker: 221-166
8. Ash Camyab: 205-157
9. Frazer Krohn: 134-98
10. Ryan Hobbs: 117-105
11. Andrew Benjamin: 102-66
12. McKenzie Guardiero: 94-74
13. Tanner Russ: 64-34
14. Dan Rose: 50-34
15. Mike Lynch: 27-26

Muslim Salikhov (15-2) vs. Laureano Staropoli (9-1)

Jeremy Brand: Salikhov via UD
Mike Skytte: Salikhov via Round 2 TKO
Michael DeSantis: Salikhov via Round 1 KO
Mitch Banuelos: Staropoli via UD
Ed Gallo: Salikhov via Round 1 KO
Matt Bricker: Salikhov via UD
Connor Deitrich: Staropoli via UD
Ash Camyab: Staropoli via UD
Ryan Hobbs: Staropoli via UD
Andrew Benjamin: Staropoli via UD
Frazer Krohn: Salikhov via Round 1 KO
McKenzie Guardiero: Salikhov via UD
Tanner Russ: Salikhov via Round 1 KO
Dan Rose: Staropoli via UD

Staff picking Salikhov: 8
Staff picking Staropoli: 6

Ciryl Gane (4-0) vs. Don’Tale Mayes (6-2)

Jeremy Brand: Gane via UD
Mike Skytte: Gane via UD
Michael DeSantis: Gane via Round 2 TKO
Mitch Banuelos: Gane via Round 2 TKO
Ed Gallo: Gane via Round 1 KO
Matt Bricker: Gane via Round 2 TKO
Connor Deitrich: Gane via Round 1 KO
Ash Camyab: Gane via UD
Ryan Hobbs: Gane via Round 2 TKO
Andrew Benjamin: Mayes via Round 1 KO
Frazer Krohn: Gane via Round 2 TKO
McKenzie Guardiero: Gane via UD
Tanner Russ: Gane via UD
Dan Rose: Gane via Round 1 TKO

Staff picking Gane: 13
Staff picking Mayes: 1

Frank Camacho (22-7) vs. Beneil Dariush (16-4-1)

Jeremy Brand: Dariush via Round 2 SUB
Mike Skytte: Dariush via Round 1 SUB
Michael DeSantis: Dariush via Round 2 SUB
Mitch Banuelos: Camacho via Round 2 TKO
Ed Gallo: Camacho via Round 2 KO
Matt Bricker: Camacho via Round 1 TKO
Connor Deitrich: Dariush via UD
Ash Camyab: Dariush via Round 1 KO
Ryan Hobbs: Camacho via UD
Andrew Benjamin: Camacho via UD
Frazer Krohn: Dariush via UD
McKenzie Guardiero: Dariush via UD
Tanner Russ: Dariush via Round 2 SUB
Dan Rose: Dariush via SUB

Staff picking Camacho: 5
Staff picking Dariush: 19

Michael Johnson (19-14) vs. Stevie Ray (22-9)

Jeremy Brand: Johnson via UD
Mike Skytte: Johnson via UD
Michael DeSantis: Johnson via UD
Mitch Banuelos: Johnson via Round 2 TKO
Ed Gallo: Johnson via Round 1 KO
Matt Bricker: Johnson via Round 1 TKO
Connor Deitrich: Johnson via UD
Ash Camyab: Johnson via Round 1 KO
Ryan Hobbs: Ray via UD
Andrew Benjamin: Johnson via Round 1 KO
Frazer Krohn: Johnson via UD
McKenzie Guardiero: Johnson via SD
Tanner Russ: Ray via UD
Dan Rose: Johnson via TKO

Staff picking Johnson: 12
Staff picking Ray: 2

Demain Maia (27-9) vs. Ben Askren (19-1, 1NC)

Jeremy Brand: Askren via UD
Mike Skytte: Maia via Round 2 TKO
Michael DeSantis: Maia via Round 2 TKO
Mitch Banuelos: Maia via Round 2 SUB
Ed Gallo: Maia via Round 3 SUB
Matt Bricker: Askren via UD
Connor Deitrich: Maia via Round 3 TKO
Ash Camyab: Maia via Round 1 SUB
Ryan Hobbs: Maia via Round 1 SUB
Andrew Benjamin: Askren via UD
Frazer Krohn: Askren via UD
McKenzie Guardiero: Askren via SD
Tanner Russ: Maia via UD
Dan Rose: Askren via UD

Staff picking Maia: 8
Staff picking Askren: 6

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