The Cannabis Chronicles: Leo Kuntz

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Another week marks another fighter that MMA Sucka has spoken to about cannabis. This week’s fighter is twitter legend, Leo Kuntz. Kuntz has made himself famous on social media for interacting with fans, and overall just being himself.

Overall Thoughts On Cannabis

We asked Kuntz what were his overall thoughts on cannabis and cannabis use in the sport of MMA. He was open by saying that he had been smoking marijuana since the age of 15. He admits, “I used to be awake and bake stoner, but I just didn’t get anything done besides heavy video gaming.” Kuntz also states that he has used CBD before and will continue to use it for inflammation and recovery.

Smoking Habits Nowadays

Kuntz says that although he used to be a heavy smoker, he normally smokes less than once a day nowadays. Saying that he mostly smokes in the evenings unless its the weekend. He also commented saying, “Most street strains have limited amounts of CBD. I have found CBD to be most helpful for physical recovery but I was supplementing. I used a 1000 mg tincture, that was most effective for me.”

Smoking Before Fights/Training

When asked if he smokes before training, Kuntz replied, “I don’t like training while I’m high. Most fighters I know that smoke like to smoke and train. I’ve always been the opposite. Training has never really been fun for me and I like to have fun when I’m baked.”  Kuntz also says that before his stint in the UFC he would normally smoke up until a few days before the fight. Although when he got into the UFC, he was so scared of failing his drug tests that he would quit smoking about four weeks before his fight.

Stigma That Fighters Don’t Want To Talk About Their Cannabis Consumption

While we have been doing this experiment, “The Cannabis Chronicles” we have learned that some fighters are hesitant to talk about cannabis consumption. So we decided to ask Kuntz why he thinks that is. His response was, “I know a lot of fighters smoke, but it’s hard out here for a fighter. Most guys are probably worried about their reputation or about getting hassled by commissions. I guess I’m just at a point in my life where those things don’t matter. All that matters is winning fights.”

Favorite Stoner Movie

To conclude our interview we decided to ask Kuntz what his favorite stoner movie was. After all, you don’t have to be a stoner to like stoner movies, right? He informed us that his favorite stoner movie is by far “Half Baked.” Kuntz also disclosed a story behind his love for the movie. Saying that “In high school, I and my friends called ourselves the high-five. Between the five of us, we could recite the entire movie word for word.”

Kuntz hasn’t fought an MMA fight since 2017 but has competed in boxing as recent as a few months ago. He says that he is working on getting back in the cage and staying active. Be on the lookout for his return to MMA sometime in 2020.

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