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DominUFC 247 results will be live here. The card takes place tonight in Houston, TX. If you can’t catch the action on ESPN+, ESPN, and PPV, we’ll have results for you right here as they happen. The main event features the UFC light heavyweight championship as Jon Jones meets Dominick Reyes. Reyes presents a unique challenge to Jon Jones, but “Bones” has been challenged before and has beaten a who’s who of UFC superstars. It should be a compelling fight that you don’t want to miss.

In the co-feature bout of the evening, the UFC’s women’s flyweight title will be on the line as Valentina Shevchenko will defend against Katlyn Chookagian. Shevchenko has looked absolutely indestructible of late and will be looking to defend her belt in a dynamic fashion. The prelims air on ESPN+ beginning at 3:15 PM PST and then the action moves to ESPN at 5 PM PST before the PPV kicks off at 7:00 PM PST.

UFC 247 Results – Main Card

Jon Jones def. Dominick Reyes via Unanimous Decision after 5 Rounds

The main event opens and the two fighters meet in the center of the Octagon. Dominick Reyes lands some nice punches and kicks in the early going, keeping Jones off balance. Reyes lands a shot to the body that temporarily knocks Jones down. Jones seems hesitant but starts finding his range towards the end of the round. Reyes wins the first round. Dominick Reyes opens the second with a flurry and has Jones against the fence. “Devastator” is throwing a lot but Jones covering up. Reyes lands a nice body shot. Jones lands some kicks as well, but Reyes seems to be getting better of exchanges. Two rounds in the bank for Reyes. Dominick Reyes is pressuring Jones in the third, and landing bigger shots. A solid body kick by Reyes. Reyes lands an uppercut, Jones shoots but cannot complete the double leg. Jones landing leg kicks. Good fight. 3-0 for Reyes.

Championship Rounds

Round four was a lot of the same, however, it swung in the favor of Jon Jones. He landed more shots and Dominick Reyes seemed to fade. He still stayed in it, and it was competitive, but Jon Jones did more standing and won the round. I’ve got it 39-37 for Reyes heading into the final frame. Jones did well landing some leg kicks and some sharp left hands.

The fifth and final round went back and forth. Jon Jones did more, landing a bunch of leg kicks and jabs, but Reyes landed some shots as well. Dominick Reyes was clearly exhausted and coasted the final minute. It was a round that Jon Jones won, but I scored the fight 48-47 for Dominick Reyes. Time to find out what the judges thought.

Valentina Shevchenko def. Katlyn Chookagian via TKO (GnP) at 1:03 of Round 3

The co-main event is underway and Shevchenko lands a couple of kicks and a backfist. Shevchenko closes the distance and scores the takedown. Valentina Shevchenko works to land some shots from the top but Chookagian is doing well to tie her up. Shevchenko lands an elbow and slices Chookagian’s left eye open as the buzzer sounds. “Bullet” is landing kicks and punches. Everything Chookagian throws lands ten inches short it seems. Spinning kick lands flush for Shevchenko, followed by an ax-kick and a takedown. Two rounds to none for the champion. Chookagian lands a couple of kicks. She attempts to pull guard but is instead taken down. Valentina Shevchenko gets the crucifix and starts dropping elbows. That’s it, the fight is over and Chookigian was unable to defend herself.

Justin Tafa def. Juan Adams via TKO (Punches) at 1:59 of Round 1

The two heavyweights meet in the center of the cage to open the fight. Lots of jabs and both fighters seem content to try and find their range in the early going. Tafa lands a jab and a left hand. Adams looked a bit uncomfortable there, but recovers. Big straight right hand, and a massive uppercut by Tafa and that drops Adams to the canvas. The referee jumps in and stops it. The fight is over, inside of two minutes. Big win for Tafa in his second UFC fight.

Dan Ige def. Mirsad Bektic via Split Decision after 3 Rounds

Dan Ige did a good job of landing some clean shots in the early going. Bektic landed some nice counter shots as well. Overall the round was much better for Dan Ige who did more damage and landed more frequent harder shots. Mirsad Bektic scores a takedown in the second and is nearly swept by Ige. Bektic landed in the mount with an arm triangle. It’s tight but Ige is fighting it. Dan Ige gets free. The third round opens and Ige is stalking Bektic. Ige lands a nice right hand a kick to the body. Bektick goes for a takedown and is nearly arm barred. Bektic finishes the takedown. Dan Ige gets to his feet but is taken down again. The fight ends and it’s pretty close. I scored it 29-28 for Ige.

Derrick Lewis def. Ilir Latifi via Unanimous Decision after 3 Rounds

Lewis missed a right hand and immediately clinched Latifi. Flying knee by Lewis lands and the wind up again in the clinch. The pro-Lewis Houston crowd isn’t appreciative of Latifi’s clinch work. Round 1 ends, I scored it for Lewis. Not a ton of shots landed midway through the second. Ilir Latifi continues to clinch and scores a takedown. Not too much action on the canvas. The referee stands them up and Latifi throws Lewis to the mat again. One round apiece heading to the third. Latifi controls the action with the clinch and takedown again. Lewis gets to his feet but is again dragged down. With a minute left Lewis goes bananas and tries to close the show. He hurts Latifi more than once, but can’t close the show. Judges are likely all over the place.

UFC 247 Results – Preliminary Fights

Trevin Giles def. James Krause via Split Decision after 3 Rounds

Krause took this fight on 24 hours notice. Giles landing some nice left hands to open the round. James Krause with the takedown and gets to Giles’ back. Both hooks are in for Krause and he applies a rear-naked choke. Giles does a great job defending. Trevin Giles rolls him over and escapes and finishes the round with a flurry. Trevin Giles starting to land some big shots in the second round. He has a size advantage here and it’s starting to pay dividends. Giles unloading heavy shots from the top. Krause is hurt. Giles almost chokes Krause as the horn ends. Krause seems to be fading in a big way. Trevin Giles is landing some big shots in the third, but Krause is hanging tough. Krause had zero fight camp and showed up in Houston to corner a fighter. Giles should win the decision here.

Lauren Murphy def. Andrea Lee via Split Decision after 3 Rounds

The ladies waste no time getting after it with a nice exchange in the middle of the Octagon. Both fighters are sitting down on their shots and they’re showing the wear and tear on their faces. Lee working behind some kicks and sharp, accurate punches. Murphy also doing a good job finding her range. Murphy scores a takedown after eating a knee. More of the same to open the second round. This is a dogfight. Lauren Murphy lands a clean 1-2. She’s getting the better of things in round 2. Lee comes on for a bit but Murphy ends the round with a takedown. Anyone’s fight heading into the third. Lee had an Anaconda choke applied, but Murphy fought out of it and ended up in top position. Murphy and Lee spent time in the clinch to end the fight. The third round was Lee’s, could go either way.

Khaos Williams def. Alex Morono via TKO (Punches) at 0:27 of Round 1

This one didn’t last long at all! Khaos Williams made his debut and came out slugging! He hurt Morono at the opening bell and landed a mammoth uppercut to drop him. A few punches later and that was all she wrote! Khaos only needed 27 seconds!

Mario Bautista def. Miles Johns via TKO (Flying Knee) at 1:41 of Round 2

Lots of feints and jabs were thrown in the first round. Nobody landed anything of much consequence in the first half of the round. Johns with a nice jab and left behind it. Bautista seems much lighter and more fluid on his feet. Close round, I’d give it to Johns. Bautista is good with kicks and knees. That said, he doesn’t do as good a job covering up after throwing them. Bautista floating in and out of range, while Johns is content to counter. Flying knee by Bautista and he follows it up with some flurries on the canvas. Big stoppage victory by Mario Bautista.

UFC 247 Results – Early Preliminary Fights

Journey Newson def. Domingo Pilarte via TKO (Right Hand) at 0:38 of Round 1

Domingo Pilarte lands a high kick right off the bat and Newson answers back immediately with a right hand that folds Pilarte up on the canvas. Newson pounces on Pilarte and that’s a wrap! Huge TKO victory for Journey Newson! Nice way to pick up your first UFC victory. Could bring him a nice bonus as well.

Andre Ewell def. Jonathan Martinez Split Decision after 3 Rounds

Both fighters were active early, throwing punches and kicks. Martinez hurt Ewell with a body kick but Ewell recovered. Ewell started finding his range with his left hand. Martinez utilized the clinch and looked for a takedown but it wasn’t there. Absolute firefight to end the round with both guys slinging like madmen. Ewell got the better of it. Heck of a fight and in the second round Martinez found his range and hurt Ewell on multiple occasions. These guys are letting it all go, and the fans are loving it. I’ve got it even heading into the third round. Ewell’s right leg and right hand/arm are both injured it seems. Ewell is slapping with the right when he throws it at all. They slug it out at the bell, I’ve got it scored for Martinez, 28-27.

Youssef Zalal def. Austin Lingo via Unanimous Decision after 3 Rounds

A pair of LFA veterans making their UFC debuts. Zalal did well in the early going, landing some nice punches and controlling the action on the canvas. Zalal locked on a D’Arce choke in the second round but was unable to get the submission.  Austin Lingo just looked slow and plodding and was unable to establish anything consistently. Zalal was too quick in the third round and scored a nice trip takedown. Youssef Zalal did more than enough to win a one-sided decision.

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