Conor McGregor’s Lockdown Plea

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As more and more countries implement a lockdown, celebrities are pitching in. When Conor McGregor fought Donald Cerrone earlier this year, he seemed a reformed man. The antics of the last few years seem to be a thing of the past. Through the buildup to his return, Conor was respectful towards Cowboy. Cowboy too showed Conor love.

The fight lasted less than a minute. The Conor of old had returned and his fans around the world had a good year to look forward to.

A few months forward and the world is on lockdown due to the Coronavirus. History has shown us again and again that a crisis begets leadership. The leadership in Ireland seems to be coming from their biggest combat sports athlete.

Conor McGregor calls for a full lockdown

In a recent video, Conor called for a full lockdown, in response to the global Coronavirus threat. Conor directed the video at the people of Ireland and several of their senior officials, including their President and Chief Medical Officer.

Conor emphasized that any time spent debating the issue would be “needless time from the clock”. In his words “TRUE LOCKDOWN MUST BEGIN AND IT MUST BEGIN NOW. A LOCKDOWN TOGETHER”

Conor further said that Ireland should close its airports, all non-essential businesses and cut all non-essential travel. He also stated that the fate of the country depends on it and that the fate of the country depends on implementing the lockdown.

Conor also stated that Ireland should learn from other countries. He stressed that the country has the formula ahead of time, but needed to act on its advantage.

Conor’s call to action to the Irish government comes at a time when the entire world, including the UFC,  is reeling from the Coronavirus.

Shortly, after John Kavanagh posted this tweet. While this is likely just a coincidence, it shows Kavanagh is savvy with handling social media. The coach’s win or learn mentality is being imbibed by his biggest star. It is good to see him direct this towards a bigger cause.

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