UFC 4 Leaks: Joshua, Fury, Backyard and Kumite

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UFC 4: Anthony Joshua and Tyson Fury as Pre-Order Fighters

The new EA Sports UFC 4 video game has undergone yet more leaks. A description for bonus content included in a pre-order shows that the purchaser will be able to unlock professional boxers Anthony Joshua and Tyson Fury as playable characters. Anthony Joshua is the current WBF, WBA, IBF and IBO heavyweight champion. Tyson Fury is the current WBC, TBRB, and The Ring heavyweight champion. While both are currently embroiled in mandatory fights, a match between them is highly anticipated if they do not lose before then, since the winner would be the first undisputed heavyweight boxing champion since Lennox Lewis.

This would not be the first time an EA Sports UFC game has featured fighters who never competed in MMA. Bruce Lee, whose combat sport career consisted of a single boxing match, appeared in UFC 3 as a fighter. There is speculation that EA may be using the appearances of Fury and Joshua as a way to test the waters for a new boxing game.

Kumite and Backyard Modes

In addition, UFC 4 will contain several new modes of play. These include Kumite and Backyard modes. The customisation kits for said modes will also be a pre-order bonus. The backyard modes appear to be inspired by the Miami unsanctioned fights held by Dada 5000, featured in the documentary Dawg Fight. Cover fighter Jorge Masvidal made several appearances at these fights prior to his official MMA career.

The Kumite mode appears to be some sort of fantasy setting. The word kumite generally refers to live sparring in karate. However, ever since the release of the hit film Bloodsport it has also acquired connotations of secret tournaments. The UFC 4 Kumite mode will seemingly lean towards that depiction, with fantasy inspired rings and outfits for characters. Customisation options even include using rope wraps instead of gloves.

According to the official store description, the modes will be part of a unified progression system for your create-a-character. The store description also promises overhauled takedown and ground mechanics, a response to the most common criticism of UFC 3.

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