Petr Yan Loses the Bantamweight Title via Illegal Knee

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Petr Yan and Aljamain Sterling UFC 259 is currently in progress and the first of three title fights has wrapped up. You can keep up with results as they happen here. Petr Yan was in there against Aljamain Sterling for the bantamweight championship. This was the fight I was really looking forward to seeing, and it was not a letdown.

Petr Yan loses his championship due to an illegal knee

Petr Yan and Aljamain Sterling went toe to toe to determine who was the best bantamweight on the planet. When the dust settled we had our answer. Sterling came out fast and landed a series of kicks and punches and even secured an early takedown. He could not keep Yan down, and Yan dropped Sterling with a big right hand. Sterling was hurt, but he was able to recover and continue. Yan executed a big slam to end the round. It was a very good round, with Sterling landing more shots, but Yan landing the heavier shots.

Sterling did a good job controlling against the cage, but Yan showed elite takedown defense and incredible athletism. This has been a good fight and true contest of wills. Sterling tried ten takedowns and was successful only once. Yan on the other hand seemed to have the ability to take Sterling down at will. As the third round continued, it seemed the window of opportunity for Sterling was closing. Yan was in control.

Yan landed a blatantly illegal knee and the referee called it intentional. Sterling was not able to continue and the fight was stopped. The amazing aspect is despite being controlled and behind on the cards, he walks out of the Octagon as the new bantamweight champion!

After the fight, the champion, NAME, had the following to say. “Everything I worked for, and to have the fight go like that. I thought I was down one point. I tried to continue being all f*cked up.” He continued, “I wanted to continue, the fight was fast-paced and the fans enjoy that. It was great until that f*cking bullsh*t.”


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