At LFA 113, Thomas Petersen Rose to the Occasion

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LFA 113 was a card that lost several bouts, which left it with one preliminary fight and the main card full of potential and did it reach that potential and then some.

The card was made up of seven bouts and all but one of them resulted in a finish topped off by the underdog Thomas Petersen advancing his career to 5-0 with a knockout win over the returning veteran Vernon Lewis at LFA 113.

As mentioned, Lewis was the favorite with betting odds having him at a massive -400, but Petersen tuned out the noise and focused on what was in front of him while also focusing on his future. Petersen mentioned pre and post-fight his wife and he are expecting their first child together and the future father made his family proud while also potentially securing a future as well.

Thomas Petersen: Future UFC Heavyweight?

The UFC heavyweight division is in the midst of a dry spell, especially at the top with so many ranked fighters being recycled against each other, so Petersen may provide some much-needed depth when he makes it.

With a record of 5-0 and a new LFA heavyweight title around his waist, he should have a title defense around the corner, maybe two, and if he can successfully defend, it he should see the promotion. The LFA has been advertised as a feeder league for the UFC and every fight card it seems has its fingerprints all over it. They mentioned during the broadcast that UFC Vegas 33 featured six LFA veterans on the card, and then at UFC 265 they have nine more.

What Makes Thomas Petersen Impressive

When it comes to Thomas Petersen, what sets him apart despite not getting a chance to show it is his ability to control bigger fighters on the ground. He weighed in at 242 for LFA 113 and that’s on par for his career weight. Despite him having the length and physical weight disadvantage at times, he finds himself controlling guys against the fence as well as on the ground. He has finished fighters on the ground in mounted and crucifix position which is not something seen often.

Thomas Petersen showed at LFA 113 that he can step up when the stakes are high, remain calm with early pressure which Lewis applied, and then be a disciplined striker. He left off the gas pedal a little soon when going for the stoppage but he has the power and ground game to be an interesting face in the UFC heavyweight division when the time comes.

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