Jake Paul vs. Tyron Woodley Recap: A Night of Answers with More Questions

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After a week of scuffles, disrespected mommas, and some nonsensical coverage from good ole Barstool that boiled down to a questionable split decision that was a clear victory for the Disney Kid Jake Paul.

All week Paul and his team predicted a knockout and while they didn’t score one they certainly answered two major questions that faced the younger Paul brother, gas tank and chin. The fight went all eight rounds it was scheduled for despite the betting odds being set at 3.5 rounds and he also withstood some heavy shots from Tyron Woodley as well, a night of wins for Jake Paul.

In terms of how the fight went things did start slow, slow to the point where midway through round three both men had combined for 34 attempted power shots, and both had just been feeling out the other man. Woodley was playing the role of the bull while Paul was the matador always taking a step back for the majority of the early rounds until round four.

Up until round four, Paul had been landing solid combination punching led by a smooth right hook, which we have seen be his power show in the past, but it was Woodley’s right hand that would make this dance become a tango for a little while.

Woodley landed a strong right hand over the guard of Jake Paul that knocked him back but it appeared Paul was saved by the ropes as he bounced back up and got on his bike circling Woodley. Woodley wouldn’t be able to capitalize in round four and in round five he was the aggressor right from the start and was unable to capitalize on that almost knockdown he had. Paul would go on to counter punch and mozy his way to a decision win as mentioned in a group of scorecards that were all over the place to where it seemed they didn’t know what to write down.

Post-fight both men seemed to be different characters to where they were being respectful but as Ariel Helwani is interviewing Jake Paul, Tyron Woodley jumps in and attempts to make an argument for a rematch in the fact that no one else can sell a pay per view like him with Woodley.

If you listen close enough you can hear Dana White laughing in the distance.

What is Next for Tyron Woodley?

As mentioned, Woodley was campaigning for a rematch but he just didn’t bring the offensive, entertaining style that could sell a rematch. We saw what he is as a boxer and it is not much different than what he was a UFC champion.

Slow starter with punching power that lands time to time while also giving fans a good dose of melatonin, Woodley just isn’t what he once was as a champion or even what he was in Strikeforce. 

He has a music “career” and discussed this week how he will be producing his own show so he has other paths to follow and it may be time to do just that.

What is Next for Jake Paul?

Tommy Fury, who won on the undercard to improve his record to 7-0, called out Jake Paul in his post-fight interview and he is the name that Paul should go after.

He has a name that boxing fans know in Fury, he also looks unimpressive tonight, and he is also seen by some as a TV star who is boxing after being on the show Love Island. He has plenty to prove on his own and would sign on very easily to fight Paul and could do so in a quick turnaround this year even.

Luke Thomas pointed this out post-fight, Paul is never going to be a world champion but he can be a sell for the sport of boxing. He proved a lot tonight in many people’s eyes with his gas tank and chin and while his media career has lost the respect of many it is time to officially respect him as a fighter and what he brings to the table for the sport.

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